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I heard about GOG last year when I purchased my first computer. I was scouring the internet for must play games and kept finding games like Master of Orion, and Master of Magic. Looked em up and found GOG.

Hmmmmm, I don't really have much of a wishlist. I guess finding work would be amazing.

Im in for The whispered world, and Arx Fatalis please
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I would like a shot at The Whispered World and Arx Fatalis since I've heard both are right up my ally.

As of how I came to GOG it was a few years back. I was wanting to play the original Fallout games and had noticed Steam had them. When talking to a few people about if I should get them or not, my brother told me that I should, but not only that, he told me where to get it. It was on that day I was introduced to GOG. I got there, bought Fallout and played it for the whole summer pretty much.

As for my wishlist it is a ton of movies really. I got a few games, like the Zone of the Ends HD collection for my PS3, but besides that there is not much else.
I'd like to win The Darkness II or Heretic+Hexen Collection.

I found GOG accidentally looking for old games. Because of GOG I discovered I could buy games by downloading.

My wishlist is my family having a happy Christmas.

I'm interested in: The Darkness II and Heretic + Hexen Collection

A friend told my about gog and for christmas I wish to get a new sound system.

Thanks =)
not entering, thanks Ubivis +1 :)
I would really like Arx Fatalis or The Whispered World

Found about GOG on some Game news site a few years back, but only registered a year ago!...

And I don't really have a Christmas wishlist (apart from a lot of games ;p)... maybe an android tablet?

Happy Nikolaus day! ;p (and eat a lot of chocolates, please!)
I'm in for The Whispered World.

And how did I find out about GOG? My little sister gifted me Ultima Underworld 1+2 from GOG!
She remembered how UU1 was the first PC game I really was into, and how that somehow made it a very special game for me. :-)
So I got Ultima Underworld from here, had a look at the site, was amazed and bought more games (after finishing Gobliins I'm now playing Giana Sisters).

With wishlist you don't mean my GOG wishlist, right?
In real life I have a couple of smaller wishes for Christmas: Some sealing wax for my new seal, a book or two, some stuff for our kitchen...
The Darkness II or Realms of Arkania 3

I discovered GOG when I was browsing abandonware sites back in the day. I am pretty sure it was, and I kept finding games I liked were unavailable but had a 'Buy It' option. Curious as to where I could actually still buy these games, I clicked and it took me to GOG where I realized 40% (at the time) of the games I was looking for were here and DRM free! With goodies on top of it, and cheap, it was a no-brainer at that point. :)

For Christmas I have the metaphysical list of health, happiness, and luck in finding a new career and place to live. But that is not fun, so my material list is the motherboard and CPU I need to finish my latest gaming rig, Max Payne 3, Bioshock Infinite, and for GOG to get the LucasArts stuff licensed so I can get X-Wing games here. Oh, and System Shock too!
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1. Heretic + Hexen Collection or The Darkness II or Arx Fatalis.
2. I think it was through NMA, they probably mentioned gog when it was starting up, with the Fallout games as highlights.
3. Already got a new bed, so mostly rest and laziness are now on the wishlist.

Happy Nikolaus!
Thanks for the giveaway Ubivis +1 :)

1. In for Whispered World, The
2. How I found out about
3. Probably more time to relax and be lazy for a while... Really miss that :)
1. The Darkness II
The Whispered World.

2. I think I found out about it from The Escapist back when I used to visit that site.

3. Couple of Blu rays and a few music cds mainly.
1. In for The Darkness II, thanks. :)

2. Actually it was my brother who told me about, because we had recently lost out Oddworld discs because of a faulty CD drive that broke them, so we were looking for another way to play them.

3. You mean like games or just anything?
1) GOG:
- Whispered World, The -

2) I found out bout GOG from a gaming blog

3) and on my wishlist for Christmas there is only one thing - "My precious"
In for The Whispered World and Arx Fatalis.

I had heard of GOG from a couple of gaming websites even before I started exploring the DD business and was mainly a console gamer. I joined it back when they were offering free FO1. I had always wanted to try the Black Isle games, so it seemed like a good time as any.

And last but not least, my wishlist for Christmas, not including the crapload of stuff on my GOG wishlist... uhh... actually, that only leaves peace on Earth.
1) I would like Heretic + Hexen Collection
2) I found GOG in a magazine of PC Gamer promoting the site, which was still in beta at the time.
3) My wishlist is simple: Money. I have an upcoming move to a permanent location (permanent for the foreseeable future anyway) and could use all the money I can get.