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1, I'll enter for
- Heretic + Hexen Collection
- The Darkness II

2, Several years back, I got my laptop which could not handle any 3D games. As a RPG fan, I decided to use it for the old classics. Last year I decided to try out the old Might and Magic games, and GOG is the only site I could find them.

3, Depends on the discount offer. I'll more focus on DLCs, especially those for Victoria 2 and Prototype 2 on Steam. On GOG, Deponia series, HoMM1&2, Master of Magic, Beyond Divinity are among some of the games I will consider.

Thanks for giveaway!
1. Heretic/Hexen or Darkness 2
2. No idea; it seems like I've just known about gog forever =|
3. N/A
1. The Darkness II
Whispered World

2. I stumbled on GOG when I was googling Witcher 2 Pre-order.

3. Not really much. Surviving to the next year? You mean games? Then it's those books of unwritten tales.

Also, today is kind of special day in Finland. Independence day. A good day to drink coffee and play games. ^^
1) I'm in for Heretic + Hexen Collection, The Darkness II, The Whispered World & Arx Fatalis.
2) I don't really remember. It's been almost four years since I joined GOG. I probably saw GOG from an indie game web site.
3) Retro nostalgia with more GOG games! :)
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1) Arx Fatalis or the Heretic+Hexen collection
2) Years ago a little time after they started.. it was a nice way to buy Fallout again ^_^
3) i hope GOG sale Battle Realms, i want it but i cant afford the full price... for the rest.. have good times with friends and family (i hope all GOGers have the same this xmas ^_^ )
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I'm in for The Whispered World or Arx Fatalis.
I've read about it in a romanian gaming magazine, if i remember correctly...
Christman wishlist? tons of chocolate...
1. Arx Fatalis
2. or CD-Action I'm not sure
3. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
I'm in for Arx Fatalis!
In for - The Darkness II and Whispered World.

How I found about gog?
I got email that cd-projekt starting smt new, didn't register back then cuz i thought that without credid card I will not be able to buy anything anyway, I registered when I learned that they gived out Jagged Alliance for free (about year latter? :P)

What is on mine christmas wishlist?
Nothing, (not very good year when it come to money) I just hope that I and my family will have happy christmas without any bad surprise ;)

And thx for giveaway again. :)
Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Ubivis, as well as the rest of the donors!

1. The Whispered World or Arx Fatalis.
2. Looking for information about running in Win XP my old copy of I-War.
3. A job!
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- Heretic + Hexen Collection -
- The Darkness II

2. I was in China and felt urge to play Fallout but my copy was left in Poland so I found GOG. Have heard about it before but never checked it out.

3. WiiU - I have pre-ordered one but wont be able to receive it where I live.
I'm in for the A.)Heretic + Hexen Collection and B.)The Whispered World.

Found about GOG from the site

What is on my wishlist? Well I'm used to not receiving presents on Christmas for a long time now, so love I guess.

Thank you.
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1st: Heretic+Hexen Collection , darkness 2
2nd: came across the site while looking for a old game , mob rule
3rd: survive the exams
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Thanks again!

- Heretic + Hexen Collection -

- Whispered World, The -

Through a Wolfenstein 3D modding forum. Someone there mentioned that the Blake Stone games were here.

Some books.
Heretic + Hexen Collection
Arx Fatalis

I don't remember, probably throught some internet gaming forums

New Vegas DLC