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- Heretic + Hexen Collection
- Arx Fatalis

2 on a forum of videogames

3 hope to receive good books

and thx for this oppurtunity!
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1. In for the whispered world
2. Found out about gog from the steam forums :P
3. Nothing
1 In for The Whispered World and Arx Fatalis
2 I think I read about GOG in a gaming blog
3 Not decided

Thank you for another shot Ubivis :)

I would jump in today for the Heretic + Hexen Collection and only if it's okay to forward it to a friend to co-op with The Darkness II (otherwise just ignore it please :P ).

I found GOG through some people in a chat who linked some deals ^^

And finally: There are some things on my wishlist but nothing specific gaming related (although there are a few titles I would love to put my hands on) nor something to publically share :P
Thanks and +1. :)

1. I'd like to enter for:
- The Whispered World
- Arx Fatalis
2. I found out about GOG a few years ago from another forum
3. Not sure...mostly intangible things like some peace of mind and a clear direction for the future.
Thanks so much again!

I am not sure, but I think I found out about GOG when they offered Empire Earth for free... I read the news somewhere.

In my wishlist for Christmas: clothes. I am not fond of buying clothes and I am starting to look like a homeless person.

I am in for The Whispered World and The Darkness II.
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I'm in for Whispered world or Arx fatalis. Thanks.

I found about GOG from e-mail sent by CDProjekt, so I immediately sign up.
There's too many games on my wishlist. :D
I'm in for,

- The Darkness II
- Whispered World

I don't really remember how I got here, it must be a news on a gaming site. I remember GOG was in beta phase when I registered.

I don't have any wish right now, I just wanna have a nice and healthy new year with my family. A new car from Santa wouldn't hurt though lol.

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1. I would like to win the Whispered World.

2. I found out about GOG a couple of years ago from some gaming news site..

3. I would like a fouth gen iPad...
Ubivis: snip
1. Ark Fatalis
2. I wanted to play Beneath a Steel Sky but couldn't make my abandonware copy work for some reason.
3.Bunches of stuff, but the thing I want the most is a legit copy of Diablo 2(with expansion of course).
I would like to have Revelations 2012, Heretic + Hexen and The Whispered World.

I had found about totally by chance through a link on a website that I don't remember (I guess it was the day Sensible Soccer was released).

and my wishlist for christmas:

- Bioforge
- Duke Nukem I-II
- Fragile Allegiance
- Gangsters: Organized Crime
- Imperialism
- King of Dragon Pass
- KKnD (Krush Kill 'N Destroy)
- Shadow Warrior
- Sid Meier's Colonization
- Terminal Velocity
- Warlords Battlecry
- 11th Hour
- FTL: Faster Than Light
- Hotline Miami
- Psychonauts
- Unreal 2: The Awakening
- Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
- Retro City Rampage
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Heretic / Hexen feh meh phleash!
1 - The Darkness II
2 - read about in a gaming site
3 - don't know
1) Whispered World or Arx Fatalis

2) A gaming news website when they first launched to the public

3) A new SSD
In for Revelations 2012 and Arx Fatalis.

I found out about GOG a year ago through a forum for another store that was complaining about it. Never been back there :)

I don't have a wishlist for christmas. We don't buy presents for christmas (only for the kids). Although if I did have one it would be for new arrows and string for my bow.