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In for GOG Outcast, please.
Yay! ;-)

I'm in for LBA2. Thanks, Ubivis.
Thanks, I am entering for Kenshi.
Ooh cool.

I'm entering for Defense Grid: the awakening or B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th

James :-)
In for Outcast and Little Big Adventure 2 :)
Thanks, I'm in for:
Jade Empire: Special Edition
In for Outcast please

Thanks again to all the gifters
Thanks for running this.

In for Jade Empire.
Little Big Adventure 2
Jade Empire: Special Edition

Thanks again.
I would love to win:

- B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th
- Little Big Adventure 2

I'm in for: Dangerous waters, Defense Grid: the awakening or Jade Empire: Special Edition.

Thanks for the giveaways :-)
Ooh - Jade Empire please, I serious considered buying it on Steam earlier...
I'll enter for Kenshi - thanks
Thanks again, Ubivis!

I'm in for;
- Jade Empire: Special Edition

- Little Big Adventure 2
Count me in for either

Little Big Adventure 2


Jade Empire, loved this game when I had it for my old Xbox 1(sadly my ex-wife sold that and half my movie and game collection when I filed for divorce)