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I just finished watching it on Encore Action, and I have to say, it was a very mixed bag. I mean, the action scenes were pretty cool, and it was interesting to see the comic, movie, and game link up the way they did, but other than that, not so good. The animation was like an episode of Captain Planet, and I didn't feel any connection with any of the people. The only really cool moments
*SPOILERS* that weren't the creatures getting ripped apart was the whole escape pod scene (reminded me of System Shock 2) and the protagonist getting sucked into space.
Other than the action scenes, I pretty much forgot about everyone in the movie five minutes after it ended.
If you like Dead Space like I do, what the hell, give it a whirl. It'll be airing on Encore Action again this Wednesday, at 11PM Pacific. It's entertaining, but don't expect any John Carpenter masterpiece.