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just wondering.
obviously, I use dark.
Dark. Much better on the eyes.
Yup dark for me. The light hurts my sensitive orb of seeing (+1)
light. dark is too dark.
Another vote for dark.
Dark, I find the light scheme, well, horrible.
Dark, as Light seems somehow unfinished.
I prefer dark.
Post edited November 12, 2009 by Kaidane
Just tryed the light for the first time, wow is that bright. It also doesn't appear to be as shadded as well as the dark, just didn't look right.
Dark. Mainly because my netbook has an LED lit screen, and light is way too bright.
I try light for the first time. Here what i think of light.O god my eyes my poor eyes.dark much better looking and unlike light does not try to kill my eyes.
dark. light is too light.
Light, the dark scheme just really hurts my eyes.
Dark for sure.
Dark like the inside of my mind. =)