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Too many action oriented or multiplayer games on crowd funding but Icy looks terrific.
Gnostic: I donno, with so much kickstarter exclusive I am feeling deja Vu of Ultima Shroud of the Avatar house selling. I don't mind Star Citizen premium price on ships because everyone can get it, but having a huge list of kickstarter only items couple with high price for them seems too greedy.
Mrstarker: They are just cosmetic items. You'll be able to get regular versions of them in the game:

We wanted to clarify that for every exclusive in-game item (the ones your character will be able to wear or use) in the pledge tiers, or the ones that might get unlocked in a stretch goals, there will be similar non-exclusive items readily available to all players, backers and non-backers alike, in the released game. The exclusive items will be cosmetically unique and distinctive, but functionally all players will be able to readily find or buy in the game comparable items that provides similar functionality. Take the Silver Avatar’s Ring, provided at the JOURNEYMAN tier, which glows red when an enemy is nearby. Any player will be able to get a generic magic ring that does the same. However, it won’t have the distinctive Avatar’s seal on it, and it might glow white instead of red. These exclusive items are never game changers, just a fun way to show that you got them as a backer.
Yes yes and the developers need every penney they can get to develope a great game and such.

But I drop down from the $200 to $75 because I think the devs game the system too much.
After they give the backers a free Chattering Bart, they now introduce Chattering Bart wife for $5.

Yes yes they need every penny, but I cannot help the feeling that I am a wallet walking on 2 legs. I sure hate DLC that does not add much to the gameplay and their total cost is higher then the base game itself, and this kickstarter......

At this stage I can't help thinking has kickstarter gone from creating project with a healty dose of goodwill and funds to a buisness model aim to milk every single penny out of their backers. It is not like adding new area / story / character that enchance the gameplay so to justify the price, just little in game items that does not improve the game much.

Yes its optional, but pirates can get the complete package for free while paying customers cannot unless they fork out $750......
Nirth: Too many action oriented or multiplayer games on crowd funding but Icy looks terrific.
There are some *decent* games in development. Unfortunately looks like there is a growing number of stupid multiplayer only games creeping on KS etc :(. havent seen any must haves for a while now. Maybe when Bards Tale IV hits KS?.