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Not in, but I remember when this picture of cookies called Witch's Fingers creeped me out. :D
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not in however +1
Great giveaway, I'm in!
NOT in.

But this is the real way to show love for a great game. Get more people playing it who might not and get a wider word of mouth, fantastic.
Plus it is good to see a game that is grown up without being all about half naked women and swearing.

+1 for the great job.
011284mm: NOT in.

But this is the real way to show love for a great game. Get more people playing it who might not and get a wider word of mouth, fantastic.
Plus it is good to see a game that is grown up without being all about half naked women and swearing.
I just want to share my joy with GOG community. And my joy is growing when I see this game slowly climbing up the ladder on GOG bestsellers list - it was really sad to see it just above (free) Teenagent and under (infamous) Omerta DLC : )
Maybe I should include some special prize if the game reaches certain point on the list? Not sure that'd be fair...

011284mm: +1 for the great job.
I'm in
GaminggUy45: I'm in
Read the initial post and follow it then : ) Give us some creeps!
Fuck you man, I'm 16!

That's ok though, I've already got The Cat Lady on Desura. I'm going to enter for Cognition: Episode 1.

Thanks for the giveaway,

Here's a pretty decent one, I think.
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ggf162: Fuck you man, I'm 16!
Age restriction is not my idea, that's what the dev said about the game ; ) It was made for mature audience only. - and I won't dare to disagree.

ggf162: That's ok though, I've already got The Cat Lady on Desura. I'm going to enter for Cognition: Episode 1.

Thanks for the giveaway,

Here's a pretty decent one, I think.
Nothing creepy ever happened to you?
Niflmine, what says you (as you are the only one who told us a private story)? Shall we let ggf162 enter for Cognition for his honesty about his age, or we want to hear \ see some personal creeps?
OK, I haven't shared this with anyone in years, but this thread keeps bobbing up to the front page of the forum and reminding me so I need to tell somebody just so I can get it out of my head for a little while and get some sleep...

You know how sometimes you're walking down a street at night and a streetlight right above your head goes out? Well right now those of you reading this have fallen into one of two groups of people. The much larger group is the group of you who answered, "No," in your heads just now. In fact, you probably cocked your lip a little bit and frowned with your eyebrows and said inside your head, "No. Who's ever heard of a crazy thing like that happening?" I envy you...

The other group. The much much smaller group. The group whose neck hairs are already standing up. That group mouthed, "Yes," and shivered just a bit. Maybe you've mentioned this phenomenon to people you know and been disbelieved or laughed at. Maybe you instinctively knew that was the reaction you would get, so you've never mentioned it to anyone. Well, you're not alone. It happens to people. It happens to me. For a long time, I found it unsettling, but nothing really ever came of it, so eventually I decided to think of it as a good thing. A lucky thing. I would smile and think to myself, "Something good will happen to me today." As if I didn't remember the chill it used to give me. As if I really believed my brave attitude...

I spent a summer living with my aunt and uncle in California. I was still in high school. I'd hit a rough patch. I needed to get away from some people (my parents called them "bad influences"), and my parents needed some time away from me. For a couple of weeks it was actually great. I spent a lot of time alone, reading. My aunt and uncle seemed to know I just needed peace and quiet and space. They let me come and go as I pleased, and I took to walking a lot. During the afternoons I'd walk to the library and to a local second-run movie house and then to an Azar's Big Boy where I'd sit for hours reading my library books and drinking coffee and eating plate after plate of fries. After dinner I'd go out again and just walk for miles, taking in the unfamiliar sights. California sure looked strange to a boy from the midwest...

Then one day I went to see the movie Jacob's Ladder at the movie house. For those of you who don't know, it's a movie about a guy who is haunted by demons, a pretty serious and scary and intense movie. The theater was packed. All was well until in the middle of the movie, a scene at a dance party when the main character loses his glasses and between his blurred vision and the strobe lights he can't tell if he's hallucinating or really seeing the people he knows and loves turning into demons - right during this scene the guy directly in front of me starts laughing. And not softly either. He's laughing loudly and in an odd way. The way someone laughs when they're being cruel to a small animal. He didn't stop for several minutes either, not even when the people on either side of him got up to leave. He was very thin and he was wearing sunglasses. In a movie theater. I was a little put off, but he quieted down eventually and I was able to enjoy the rest of the movie. When it ended I got up to leave and noticed that he was already gone. I hadn't noticed him leaving...

It was late evening and already dark when I left the theater and started my nightly walk. About a mile away, I was walking along a long chainlink fence when a streetlight right above my head went out. I startled and realized that hadn't happened to me for quite a while. I smiled and thought, "Well, maybe I haven't been so lucky lately. Maybe that's starting to change." Only a few steps later, another street light went out, this time across the street from me. I didn't smile this time. I thought about how it really had been a while since this had happened to me, and it used to happen a lot. Another light went out. I thought the last time this had happened had been back home, right before the... incident... that led to my trip out west. I decided to get off that street. "Electric problems," I thought to myself...

I turned a corner and saw the Catholic church up ahead on the left. I always liked that particular church. It had a replica of the Pieta out in front with floodlights on it so you could see it even at night. I fixed my eyes on that statue and started walking at a good pace. For a moment I thought I'd succeeded in changing my luck. Then a light went out right behind me with a loud pop. I jumped and turned around. I caught my breath and turned back toward the church in the distance. My eyes found the lit up statue just as a loud roar startled me and big black car roared out of the church drive and turned toward me...

You guys know what I mean when I say a "matte black" paintjob? It's when a car is painted flat black, not shiny like almost all cars everywhere are. Flat black instead. So that no light reflects off the surface. Hotrodders sometimes do this, just for the effect. I'd seen cars painted that way once in a while back home. Well, this car was matte black. it's windows were heavily tinted, too. And no headlights. Just the engine roar and black nothing hurtling through space. As it came toward me, a streetlight went out, then another, and another. Each one would go out as the car passed it. My heart was beating like crazy. I took off across the street and headed down a side alley so I'd be as far away from the car as I could be when it got this far down the street...

The car started slowing down. I could hear the engine quieting. I turned back to look. The black nothing-car was stopped on the street right at the end of alley I was standing in. Neither of us was moving. Then the window rolled down and I saw a bald head with its mouth open appear in the window. A howl followed. An inarticulate angry howl. Aimed at me. Then the car took off, tires screeching and engine roaring...

I waited I don't know how long until my pulse was back to normal. But I walked back safe and sound to my aunt and uncle's house that night without any further lights going off or any other strange stuff. I didn't sleep much that night. Mostly I was thinking over things. My old life I'd left behind. Choices coming up that I knew I could make well or not. I thought, and this seemed a little silly to me even at the time, but I thought that there was something out there that wanted my life to go wrong. Something that wanted to see me scared, angry, thoughtless, running blind... I thought I don't want that thing to make my decisions for me. Eventually I fell asleep, and the next day I didn't feel much of anything about the night before. I almost didn't believe it had happened. But, that afternoon, on my way to the library, I took a route that brought me by that church with the beautiful statue. And I saw something that stayed with me. The eyes of the statues were blacked out. It may have been just mud. It may have been something worse. But, even now, I have trouble seeing the Pieta without remembering those blacked-out eyes...

I look back on that summer now as a time when I made some good decisions, some good changes. Things started going right for me for a change. My relationship with my parents was different when I came back. Different and better. Less close, perhaps. But less at odds with each other. In a lot of ways I credit that summer with giving me the life I have now. A good life. A life I want. But I know that it is a life something else wants, too. And I'm reminded of this every time a streetlight goes out anywhere near me. Maybe I'm just seeing things. Maybe I'm seeing someone else's streetlight go out. Or maybe those moments are just reminders. Reminders of when I got too close to losing it all...

[I'm in for the main prize as well as the self-made prize. Thanks for the chance to get those creative juices flowing!]
I recently heard an eerie story involving ghosts and a exorcism at the home of a friend's sister (she and her room mates actually believed that it's haunted and called a priest who supposedly took care of it) but well, I'm lazy and would get all the facts wrong. :P

The Horror

Well, in for Cat Lady on GOG.
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+1 for your generosity, Novotnus!
Not in.
+1, and count me in for The Cat Lady here on GOG please:

this one is creepy AND has cats in it :)
Not in, but thanks and +rep.
I was searching some article about an actual event that happened in Spain but I've stopped because it is quite gruesome, so I will better try with this milder creepy ventriloquist dummy.