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Fever_Discordia: I wonder if OP didn't realise that Steam is owned by Valve? See - Steam, Valves, Steamworks - see what they did there?
Actually, with all this talk of Steam maybe they should make a Steampunk FPS - Chaos Engine 2 - this time its 3D or something, could be cool!
Wouldn't it be "The Chaos Engine 3"? 2 was released in 1996.
SirPrimalform: In some ways even more unlikely, Nintendo doesn't have a competing PC DD store.
I'd say they're about equally (un)likely - one has a competing store, the other has no PC games, and neither are willing to expand their game market onto systems not owned and controlled by themselves.
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Id say there's many more games of higher importance ;)
Wishbone: And on that day, pigs will fly, and Satan will be skating to work...
Shouldn't be too long now. Even Batman does.
Fuzzyfireball: The only Valve games I'd want to see, are the original Half-Life and its expansions. The Steam releases of those are butchered.
Are we thinking of the same thing here? (read: quickloading is messed up)
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Wishbone: And on that day, pigs will fly, and Satan will be skating to work...
lowyhong: Shouldn't be too long now. Even Batman does.
I said skating, not rollerblading. For all I know, Satan has been rollerblading to work for ages now. Of course, he probably can't use rubber wheels.
Personally i think is invented to get Good OLD Games Easy , Cheap ,and fully updated / bonus stuff and so

so i see no Fucking reason to get some "new" games here just because you hate steam

and really .. start using steam if you want random games gathered around

but gog is for old games ...
DemonCooler: If you guys could talk with Valve and see if they'll allow Portal to be sold here on GOG that would be awesome. The reason I ask is because I don't really care for the Steam service. (The interface of that stupid app tends to be really slow and buggy.) If you are able to manage it then, YAY! If not, oh well I can wait. Thanks!
tfishell: Hey hey, he's new here, guys. Be nice.

They're right, though. Portal is too new (well, in theory) and since Valve already has Steam there's virtually no reason to let it be DRM-free. Now, if you had said Lucasarts in instead of Valve...
Ok, well like I said I'm able to wait. Though now that you mention it there are some old Lucasarts titles I'd love to be able to play again (STAR WARS!!!!). :)
There are less likely things.

For instance, the world could turn itself inside out; so we'd be able to see the other side of the world when we looked up into the sky.

That's less likely. Not much else is.