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GameRager: Your quoting mistakes is showing OP.
Yep yep, quoting on this forum is still too weird. Could never get used to it.
GameRager: Eek...well that's gotta suck.
I made you gift 4 copies? My pic was that good? 0.o
MGShogun: Nah, you and 3 other people post awesome picture of uber fantastic cosplayers. I truly like them a lot enough just to give away 4 copies.

Plus, I think Sacrifice is very underrated game so it should get more attention. :) It's fantastic game like what orc said in his previous posts.
Shiek2005: I saw this Princess Zelda cosplay by Michelle Morse on Nintendo Power a few months ago. Not bad if i do say so myself :D
MGShogun: Please reply to this thread so I can pm you the gift code since you're one of the 4 winners of this contest. :)

Thanks very much. XD
I'm here :)
Sorry for the late reply, was playing SWAT 4 with some friends :P
Conrats, Sheik. You now have the final gift code from me. :D
Yup, thanks.. ^_^
MGShogun: Conrats, Sheik. You now have the final gift code from me. :D
Dude you around?
I'm still around. :)

MGShogun: I'm still around. :)

Are you ready for Baldur's Gate?

I have a few characters set up so that you don't have to be worrying too much on dying. :_

A fighter, a mage, a thief, and a cleric. I even have a mage/fighter. You could take one of them to play as. (The Fighters are mine, but I have spares.)
strixo: Is anyone else really tired of seeing Batman:AA-inspired girls dress up as the thong-themed Poison Ivy? There's one at every comic show, which is unfortunate if you like to take young kids and don't want to deal with it. It's also tired.

EDIT: And pasties. Forgot the pasties. Geez.
I have a great pic of a gal as Harley (Batman AA style) from last PAX. So they don't all do Ivy.