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Leroux: I bet no grown up ever got nightmares from playing games like Amnesia or watching horror movies, right? And if they did, it was probably just because they had a bad education and didn't know right from wrong. ;)
Sorry, what are you implying here?
I think you missed the point.
Games don't give nightmares, the way they are perceived do. It's the job of us adults to show how nightmares work and how to fight them so the kids don't suffer any psychological illnesses later.

Try playing Amnesia on a bright summer day, outside while playing "Don't worry be happy" as background music and tell me again that it is a game giving nightmares. And let's have a look at all those people who grew up with Wolfenstein and Doom, some of them even posted in this forum, go ask them if they had a bad childhood and developed to be angst-ridden psychopaths cowering in fear or craving for blood.
Kids react totally different to death, suffering and horror than adults do.
You might want to inform yourself about that, it's quite revealing.
Thanks for the good suggestions, GOG Community. )

Thus far, I've gotten a few of the games mentioned.

--Plants vs. Zombies (already had it, they both love it)
--LEGO Harry Potter (was on sale, this week)
--Machinarium (was on sale, last week)
--Botanicula (was also on sale last week)

Two other games I was seriously considering were Minecraft and Skyrim (played with me). I can't afford either, right now, and Minecraft isn't on Steam, either, but perhaps someday they'll be on sale and I'll have some money.

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