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Community Stickies Compendium 3.7

Every newcomer's baby steps:

-Basic information about the forum's rules and regulations: Link
-Privacy policy: Link
-Terms of use: Link
-Introduce yourself: Link

Official parts of GOG, commonly asked for:

-Information about GOG's Downloader: Link
-Contact the Support crew using this form: Link
-Request new games and service features: Link
-Redeem bonus codes: Link
-Redeem gift codes: Link
-Redeem backup copies of The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Link
-Report service and forum bugs: Link

Everyday chat:

-Latest gaming deals and sales: Link
-Trade and exchange games and other things with other users: Link
-Games you have completed this year: Link
-Games you are currently playing: Link
-Bitch about your life: Link
-Post a screenshot of your desktop: Link
-Post a picture of yourself: Link
-Whenever you are drunk: Link
-Ponies, magic and friendship: Link

Community projects, services and external links:

-GOGwiki (Wikipedia-like service): Link
-IRC channel (Name: #gog | Network: Quakenet): Link
-Barefoot Essentials (addon for Chrome, Firefox and Opera): Link
-Updated Installation Packages (for the free games): Link

Community giveaways:

-Xyem's weekly giveaways (general information): Link
-Ninja giveaways: Link
-Post your wishlist and hope someone sends you a gift: Link
-SteamGifts gifting club: Link

Community games and puzzles:

-Name the game shown in the screenshot: Link
-Name the movie shown in the screenshot: Link
-Three words chat: Link
-Post a random fact about the poster above you: Link
-Word associations: Link
-Music associations: Link

Various useful threads (some may be outdated):

-Box covers for various games: Link
-Demos for various games: Link
-Netbook playability: Link
-Ports and source code packages of various games: Link
-Profiles for Xinput-based controllers: Link
-How to make a gift: Link
-Various free (freeware and open source) games and mods: Link
-Soundtracks for various games: Link
-Crowdsourced projects worth taking a look at: Link
-Games removed from the service and incomplete releases currently available: Link
-Games available in multiple languages and community-made translations: Link
-Interesting indie games and their availability: Link
-Lots of free (freeware and open source) software solutions and alternatives: Link
-DOSBox related video tutorials: Link


-Gdfsgsdfhgsdfghsdgfh: Link

Last update: 9-Jul-2012.
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Anybody willing to continue updating this, you're free to make a new thread. I won't be updating it anymore.
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Perhaps you could add the thread for the wishlist for non-GOG games:

And perhaps add in the description of the "How to make a gift" thread, that it is now also a listing of the running giveaways :-)
I know there was a thread about reporting bugs... Does anybody know what it was?
Licurg: I know there was a thread about reporting bugs... Does anybody know what it was?
Click Me!
Licurg: I know there was a thread about reporting bugs... Does anybody know what it was?
JMich: Click Me!
Could I request an addition, the "what was just updated" thread?
I don't quite know ehere this would fit in under the categories you've listed, but it could do with some love (can't believe so few artists on GOG so far for one thing!), so if you could find a place for it on your compendium I'd appreciate it!
Redeeming gift and bonus codes was merged to one interface: (or for short)
Post edited January 29, 2013 by Venom
Venom: Redeeming gift and bonus codes was merged to one interface: (or for short)
Yay! You've ended the ongoing conflict between the two and gangs.
Am i the only one who frequently encounter "connection server timeout" issue on this forum? Has been going on for a while, since 3 - 4 days ago. I'm using Comodo IceDragon (based on Firefox core) and Opera 12 browser.
I made a new Free Games thread, here:

If you could add it into this thread's lists I would be your best friend forever. :D
I'm banned but I dont know why.
I remeber that my friend entered in a GA that he didn't read about. But what happend now? I really take care for not do nothing wrong.

My profile:
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Ah this thread is still alive! :D
You should add a 'what you missed recently' thread too..

...or maybe not...
Post edited July 05, 2013 by Aditya_Iyer
How about adding the customizable topic filter by Grimwerk to the stickies list?

Then all the persons who want to hide giveaways or steam or whatever can just do so and don't have to open new threads about it.
Please add this :
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