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hedwards: I personally went $31 on mine. I was going to go with just a $13.38, but decided to splurge a bit.

I can't buy much here because of how inconvenient things are for transfers, but I like what I'm seeing. I just wish they could have added hacking the Gibson instead of multiplayer.
wodmarach: yes but then you'd have the DaVinci virus sinking all our oil tankers!
Considering the interface is a reference to Hackers, I was really disappointed that they didn't include that, or at least more elements from the movie. Same goes for the Matrix reference when you first enter the computer world.
Oh hey I just realized I haven't read one of the updates they sent me, so here it is. The important bits are in bold:
We raised $170,954 with 7459 backers which combined with our direct sales on the store and private donations puts us at over $200K in total funding! This will be enough to start building Code Hero into a DRM-free offline friendly single-player game AND a multiplayer MMO where everyone can learn to code, create and play together!
We will continue to publish Updates about the progress of Code Hero on Kickstarter and via Email Updates as we release new versions of the game and have news on the shipping of your rewards.
If you're seeing this before you got a chance to pledge, you haven't missed your opportunity to participate!
Holy crap. An MMO where everyone codes together ... whoa.