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updated wanted list for trading.
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I am looking to get Deux Ex 1 and 2 from someone who owns the whole square bundle....please let me know if someone can help me. Thank you.
done. Thanks again, DarkoD13!
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low rated
Have: Steam code for Aquaria

Would like: $10 in GOGs (equivalent value)
Thanks for an amazing and easy trade! +1!
DarkoD13: :/
Make an offer, then.
boct1584: Have: Steam code for Aquaria

Would like: $10 in GOGs (equivalent value)
your trying to trade a really cheap game from one of the past indie bundles for 10 buck gog game.I'll pass!!
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*shrug* Can't hurt to try. Maybe a $5 game?
cyrrently looking for strike suit zero.

This is my inventory
If I couldn't trade during the Sale there is no way I'll get trades now. Lists removed. I'll try again next year I guess. :(
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just did trades with both these guys.
They both sent first, and PMs w/ codes were awaiting me upon my return. awesome for trade ease.



thanks for the easy trade guys!
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I would like King of Dragon Pass, which is currently $1.49 on
I also wouldn't mind any of the kingsquest, or Krondor games on

I am willing to trade for one game of your chosing, worth up to 450 points on tremor games. It takes them about 12 hours to send me the steam code. I am true to my word, and am active on the forums, if you have any doubts.

link to tremor games:

GOG Maximum discount for

Master of Orion 1+2
Galactic Civilization

Edna + Harvey
A New Beginning
Dark Eye Chains of Satinav

Space Quest 4-6

I only have wadjet eye bundle. Other than that I will pay with PP. :)
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