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-Deadlight (steam) Gift


-Gothic 1 (gog)

EDIT: Traded with rpgamer38, really nice guy
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(thank you)
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edited: promo over!
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First off, sorry if I slip up. Never done this before.

I'm looking for a Spore Complete Pack from the Steam Daily Deal the other day, preferably US since they got it significantly cheaper than the rest of the world ;)

Don't have anything to trade right now but I'd be willing to gift $15/$16 of GOGs (I think that was the recent US sale price for Spore complete) as well as a possible giftable Steam copy of Torchlight to sweeten the deal. Anyone interested?
Looking to trade:
Uplay Game Codes (+ download link from Uplay servers):
Beyond Good and Evil
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands

Insta trade with CS: Condition Zero (2 euros on steam promo)
Insta trade with Blacklight Tango Down (gift or cd key that is 5 euros on amazon)

Succesful traded with Ian.
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DESURA Paranormal / Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle Desura Key (Frozen Synapse+SpaceChem+Trauma)
GOG GIFTS Pid / Evolva + Screamer
STEAM KEYS Atom Zombie Smasher / POSTAL / Geneforge Saga
STEAM GIFTS Vegas: Make It Big / 14x Dota 2 / Arma 3 Alpha Lite


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(Willing to trade multiple game key for one game in my wish list)
Sims Medieval Origin
Sims Medieval Pirate & Nobles Origin
Mass Effect 2 Origin

Bundle Stars 8 Atomic
First Templar
Disciples III : Resurrection
Dino D Day
Tropico Trilogy
Any other offers*
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Okay, first time you've done this, just breath man. I am currently looking for a good home for a certain Steam game.

Giving away:
-Poker Night at The Inventory

Just contact me through GOG and be sure to PM me your email so i can just send it without having to deal with steam inventory.........

P.s. This is first come first serve.

Edit: Hats off to Stooner for being the lucky first.
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Air Forte (Steam)
Atom Zombie Smasher (Steam)
Flotilla (Steam)
Nuclear Dawn (Steam)
Oniken (Desura)
Ensign-1 (Desura)
Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman (Desura)
Reversion - The Meeting (Desura)


Eryi's Action (Desura)
Orczz (Desura)
Blindside (Desura)
99 Levels to Hell (Desura)
War in a Box: Paper Tanks (Desura)
Garshasp: The Monster Slayer (Desura)
Gnomoria (Desura)
Fotonica (Desura)
Cute Things Dying Violently (Desura)
Dary's Legend (Desura)
Brand (Desura)
Pushcat (Desura)
Reprisal (Desura)

& offers for other Desura games...

Traded with: Heretic777 (x2), tjc1074, koima57, SpiderFromMars, CyberStroobs, P1na, Physicser, triock, Giltonnam, alexkoti, Momo1991, Robette, swordtut & benmar.
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Thanks for the friendly and easy trade, rpgamer381! :)
Thank you! +1

Civilization V (steam gift)
Bioshock (steam key)


Steam gifts (No keys, because I wont add any game to my Steam library until January. Don't ask why...).
Will accept PayPal as well. But in this case, its probably better if you just tell me how much are you prepared to pay, and I'll find games I want in that range.
Thanks to BuzzLightyear2 for Stacking and rpgamer381 for IG Weekly.