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Would like to bump this and point out that I'm willing to trade multiple games for the ones I want:

Also, if you have any CRPGs, strategy games or simulators up for trade, I might be interested (though I do own a fare amount of those already)
nere mind :)
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Thank you Ian for the Saints Row 2 key. You sir are amazing :D
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Sending a thank you out to bigpoppaping for another smooth trade.
MS Arcade/Indie Bundle from Amazon ($4.99 with coupon)

[H] (in a few days)
Same valor on Steam, GamersGate, Paypal, GOG.. Anything your heart desires (being $4,99, of course ;p) ...

Well, I'm just asking for help here, as I'm having problems with CC right now and probably I'll not be able to buy it before tomorrow (02/02), when the promo ends.. But I'll return it as soon as I've sorted things out, probably on next week...
maybe you have a spare and unused coupon?

Thank you!

edit: oh, I'm also interested on the Groupees KISS bundle (5 bucks), same as above, if you wanna help me... ;p
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Fictionvision: Sending a thank you out to bigpoppaping for another smooth trade.
Thanks to you as well, 2 very smooth and easy trades.


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Steam keys:
Fallout 3 GOTY
Rogue Warrior


Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete

borderlands 2 season pass


Steam keys:

Mark of Ninja
Binding of Issac +Wrath of Lamb
Fable TLC
Majesty Gold - HD


Dungeon Defenders - Steam
Iron Brigade - Steam
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Looking for "King's Bounty : Warriors of the North"

What I have
I've got Victoria II from the latest Indie Gala. Maybe someone is interested in trading it for Europa Universalis III Chronicles that was given away by Paradox for free?
I'm also looking for Europa Univeralis 3.
If anyone doesn't want their free copy, pm me & maybe we can work something out.

And Jagged Alliance (the first one) while it's on sale.

I have a list of Steam & Gamersgate games available.
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Duke Nukem 3D on GOG

Want: one of the games currently on sale

Ghost master
Any of the pinball games currently on sale

PM me if you are interested
(Have) The Path [Steam key from IR]

(Want) King's Bounty: Warriors of the North [Steam key from Groupees]


Mark of the Ninja
Fable III