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I'm looking for,

Indie Royale Evolved bundle
Kiss Groupee bundle
The Cave
Retro City Rampage
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Dawnguard and Dragonborn
New Vegas DLC's or Ultimate Edition
Doom 3 BFG Edition
Borderlands 2 Season Pass or single DLC's

I can offer a reasonable combination of these games below.

The Witcher 2
Interplay Bundle Tier 1 (VR Soccer 96, Kingdom: The Far Reaches, Evolva, Screamer, Shattered Steel, Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business, MAX + MAX 2 and Conquest of the New World)

Alan Wake American Nightmare (code)
GT Legends (code)
Red Faction Guerilla (gift)
Eufloria (gift)
Nexuiz Duel Mode DLC (gift)
Oil Rush (code)
New Star Soccer 5 (code)
SpaceChem (code)
Cortex Command (code)
Magicka (GG gift including Steam code)
Eschalon: Book 1 (code)
Ceville (code)
Trine (code)
Painkiller: Black Edition (code)
Men of War: Condemned Heroes (code)
King's Bounty: The Legend (code)
Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle (code; Frozen Synapse, Trauma and SpaceChem)

Indie Gala 9 (full bundle)
Indie Gala 10 (full bundle)

AIM, AIM 2, A-Race Extreme Show, Alien Shooter Gold Pack, Cities in Motion, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cuban Missile Crisis Ice Crusade, Creature Conflict: The Cland Wars, Cannon Strike, Disciples 2 Gallean's Return, Desert Law, Death Track: Resurrection, Death to Spies Moment of Truth, Faces of War, Freight Tycoon, GTA San Andreas, Hellforces, Hard Truck Apocalypse Rise of Clans, King's Bounty: Armored Princess, King's Bounty: The Legend, Korea: Forgotten Conflict, Konung 2, King of the Road, Legendary, El Matador, Magicka, Mortyr 2093-1944, Off-Road Drive, Planet Alcatraz, Pacific Storm, RC Cars, Reign: Conflict on Nations, Renegade Ops, Real Warfare: 1242, Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades, Snajper, Spells of Gold, Streets of Moscow, Space Rangers, Space Rangers 2, Stalingrad, The Stalin Subway, Star Wolves, Star Wolves 3: Civil War, Swashbucklers Blue vs Grey, Timothy, Gooka - The Mystery of Janatris, Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943, Theatre of War 2: Battle for Caen, Theatre of War 2: Battle for Caen Special Edition, Theatre of War 2: Centauro, Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943, Theatre of War 3: Korea, The Stalin Subway: Red Veil, UAZ Racing 4x4, Vivisector: Beast Within, Whirlwind of Vietnam, World War I, XIII Century - Death of Glory and Zombie Shooter
Thank you, very smooth trade +1
misfire200: Thank you, very smooth trade +1
Like wise, and thank you ! (also for your generosity)
+1 to shure for a good trade.
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jodaniel3: +1 to shure for a good trade.
Cheers again jodaniel3 :)
Little bit of inventory update.

4x Galactic Bowling keys (Steam only.)

Offers. The game's normal price is $20, and the lowest it's been sold for is $5, so I'm looking for games that cost that much or less. Potentially games from this weekend sale.
Iron Brigade (steam key)
Toy Soldiers (steam key)
Batman Arkham City (Steam tradable)

XXX-TRADED---Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (steam key)--TRADED

[most wanted]
Miasmata (GoG)
The Cave
Mass Effect 2 (Steam)
Sacred 2 (Steam or DRM-Free)

I don't have a lot to trade, so I'll gladly consider any offer, but mostly I'm looking for these or things from my wishlist:

-Will go first, with keys

-Traded with: bigpoppaping, Heretic777, Asbeau
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Thanks to Asbeau for a nice and easy trade! Much appreciated :)
[H] [Keys]
Dawn of War 2 Franchise Pack - steam
Titan Quest Gold - steam
Lucius - steam
King's Bounty : Warriors of the North - steam
Gettysburg : Armored Warfare - steam
King Arthur Collections - steam
Victoria II and A House Divided - steam
Ship Simulator Extreme - steam
Naval War Arctic Circle - steam



Skyrim Dragonborn Preorder
Modern Warfare 1
Modern Warfare 2
Dawn of War Crusade and Soulstorm expansions
Port Royale 3 New Adventures DLC
Gratuitous Space Battles Outcast DLC
Borderlands 2 Season Pass


Neverwinter Nights 2 *on sale
King of Dragon Pass
Arma Cold War Assault
Arma Gold
Ultima Series Collection (except U7)
Avernum Collection
Dungeons and Dragons Collection
Populous Series
Cultures 1&2
Both Total Annhilation Series
Might and Magic Collections (M&M 7-9, HoMM 1-4)
Realms of Arkania III

completed trades with : rodrolliv, zenphic, VVhiteVVolf , Iain (The artist formerly known as Iainmet), worlddan, Licurg, Detlik, Ian, Foxhack, madmate, ashwald, rambell, grynn, Heretic777, Alfie3000, retsuseiba, Aniki, K_1269, FiatLux
Have Steam Keys for :

Majesty 2 Collection
Metro 2033
Stalker SoC


Witcher 2
Darkness 2
Spec Ops the line

or offers

Newest / lowest rep goes first.


[ thanks for the quick and easy trade bigpoppaping ]
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Update: Added a few things

If you're interested in a trade, please write me ;)

I'd like to add the following stuff to my collection:

- A New Beginning
- Assassin's Creed
- Burning Hot Bundle (Amazon / Origin)
- Chaos on Deponia
- Earth 2150
- Evil Genius
- Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
- Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
- Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete

And I'm offering the following items:

Steam (Keys):
Cave Story+
Cities in Motion
Cortex Command
Cortex Command
Duke Nukem Forever
Duke Nukem Forever DLC Doctor Who Cloned Me
Duke Nukem Forever DLC Hail to the Icons
HIB2: Osmos, Revenge of the Titans, Machinarium, Braid, Cortex Command
HIB3: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, And Yet It Moves, Steel Storm, Atom Zombie Smasher
Legend of Grimrock
Magicka Vietnam
Painkiller: Black Edition
Shank 2
Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, Braid (1 Key)
The Basement Collection
The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC
Victoria II
Wizorb, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown (1 Key)

Steam (Gifts):
Nuclear Dawn

Wii Shop (Germany/Europe?):
100 Wii Points
300 Wii Points
500 Wii Points

Halo 4 Corbulo-Emblem

HIB2: Osmos, Revenge of the Titans, Machinarium, Braid, Cortex Command

Traded with bigpoppaping (Half-Life 2 for Supreme Commander: Gold)
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Anyone got a spare Mark of the Ninja from the Amazon MS Arcade Bundle? I'm willing to make offers for it, and also for Fable III from the current Fable bundle.