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Rock the Kingdom of Myrtana!

The whole Gothic Series, one of the most acclaimed and memorable cRPG sagas with great immersive gameplay, distinctive atmosphere, and an incredibly vast world to explore, is available up to 75% off today on That means you can get Gothic, Gothic 2 Gold Edition, Gothic 3, and Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition for as little as $2.49 each for the next 24 hours! Also, we're happy to inform you, that all four games have been updated with German versions!

When the nameless prisoner set foot in the prison colony on the island of Khorinis, nobody knew that his arrival would lead to a series of events that would shake the whole Kingdom of Myrtana in its foundations. Not even the mighty magician Xardas could foresee the extent of change this unknown hero would bring to the realm and the amount of unrest and turmoil he'd create in his wake. Only one person would know his every step, witness all of his deeds--noble and villainous alike--and take part in every single decision he'd make. That would be you, dear gamer, the silent puppet master toying with the life of the nameless hero and, by extent, the lives of the people of Myrtana. Good times!

Gothic Series is famous for the way it allows you to immerse yourself in the deep and vivid fantasy realm. It's hard to find its match for the amount of interaction and freedom to choose your own path. Even the first Gothic game, which took place in a secluded prison colony limited by a impenetrable magical wall, offered more variation and space than most of other role-playing games at the time. More importantly, the player was offered a choice of his path and his decisions really affected the gameworld's reality, creating a feeling of relevance to every step you took. The following games of the series brought us even spacier lands to explore, so once you embark on your journey to Myrtana, prepare for a long stay. The complete Gothic Series can keep you entertained for hours, and hours!

Today's Classic Gem promo is a stacking promo, so the amount of discount grows with every item you place in your shopping cart (from 50% on a single game to a whole 75% discount at four). The games you already have count towards the discount, so don't miss this great opportunity to complete your Gothic Series collection on (now also in German!). The offer lasts until Tuesday, April 23, at 9:59AM GMT.
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Hi! To all of you guys waiting for news on the German versions:

we're adding them presently and all four games should be updated with German versions within half an hour or so. We're very glad that we can finally offer you Gothic in German language. The current Gem Promo was devised to go in sync with the language update :-)
Magentia: Owned elsewhere, but purchased today to show my support for original languages.

Do the German installers allow us to play with English text, or must I improve my Deutsch quickly? :)
I would heartily recommend you work on sie Deutsch as those are completely German versions i.e. voice and text :D
Buenro-games: I think I am too late to influence you since the promo is likely over but this was a really good opportunity to buy the hated yet fixed Forsaken game at a crazy low price.

Just my thoughts.
No worries, the promo is still on for two more hours :-)