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I have been a fan of EA since the early days, and although as a publisher they have done a lot to make a bad name for themselves at times they once were the premiere developer of great games. Here, for me, is the list of games/franchises that I'd drop cash for in an instant here on GOG just to see my old friends again. :)

Bard's Tale trilogy
Escape From Hell
Populous (Bullfrog)
Fade to Black
Cybermage : Darklight Awakening
Golden Oldies Volume 1 - This one had great historical content and was my first foray into classic gaming. :)
The Immortal
Keef the Thief
M.U.L.E. - I know it was only C64and Atari, but I loved it so!
Seven Cities of Gold

Surely there are others that you GOGers want to see come here? Old loves that have too long been rendered abandonware that deserve a good home here?
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Immortal was a good game, but I have that on my Megadrive (Genesis for you Murkians :P )

Theme Hospital!
Ultima games were quite good, too, but we can probably expect them with Underworld being here.

I really wouldn't mind a couple of the sports games from the 90s here, but certainly not every incarnation, year-in, year-out of them. 1 or 2 from each of the golf, Hand-Egg and Ice Hockey series'?
Anything from Bullfrog.
The Ultima series a lot of rpg fun.
All bullfrog games too many to mention but almost all clasics.
Wing commander series especially privateer 2.