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Thanks for your generosity, I am in.
Excellent cause for a GA. +1
I'm in.
Im in, thanks!
+1000. Thanks for doing it, and thanks Stooner for the link. I'm not in for the game.
I am in. C'mon, lets hit 200!
Bumping this!
Thanks Kennethor, you cabbage duck you!

Great giveaway.

Count me in please.
Thanks for the giveaway and your generosity Kennethor! This is a very nice thing to do! +1
I'm in, if the money can be added to your donation in case I win.
Reever: I also hope you and your family are okay (this goes to all our fellow members which come from the Phillippines)!
theorangekid: Yes. Fortunately, where I live, we didn't suffer heavy damages. Thank you for your concern. The people of Samar and Leyte were not spared.
Good to hear. And yeah, sadly not everyone could get away from it. We can only hope things will go back to normal as soon as possible.
Bump before going to bed!
Great idea, I'm in.
Kennethor: Bump before going to bed!
I wish you success in your mission. Good luck!
Wow, great idea. But aren't you somewhat concerned that this is too successful?
Thats an awesome idea! Goodluck! :)