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I'll enter for Gemini Rue. Thanks!
I'd like to enter for Deponia, thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!
the_bard: Not entering. For what or where you negged? If you don't me asking. +1
It was in Gaming Deals Thread. Posted a deal that was already posted by some Ninja :)

DCT: I'm in for
Painkiller: Black Edition

and don't feel bad for losing rep, I did a give away and after the winner was announced I saw that I was down a point or two in rep, no biggie to me though it's just a number to me. Still have +1 on me
I am no way close to feeling bad, as its just a number. In fact I don't know why but I had a smile on face when I saw that, hence the giveaway.
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I'd like to enter for Magicka and Deponia , thank you very much .
In for Deponia! Thanks for the giveaway!
I'm in for :

Magicka + Magicka Vietnam DLC

in for Magicka + Magicka Vietnam DLC. thank you!
great giveaway...
thanks for your generosity...
i too had my first recent negative Rep vote, not once but several times...
which amused me since i had mentioned that i would take down the poster if asked to...
i soon learned, never to say... "you can go ahead & down vote me if you like, i will take down the poster if asked...."
but i guess people preferred the other....
it wasnt anything terrible...
Granted i did post in the wrong thread, on purpose, so that fellow GoG club member knew this info first...
i was only offering my excitement on the day & time of when Planescape Torments new game was going to start its Kickstarter...
anyways, im in...

1) Deponia
2) Cities in Motion
I am in for Deponia, thanks.
negative BUMP! ~wait does a negative bump move it down three pages?
Thanks for being awesome with the GA. Thanks for proving why this community is the best around.+1 to you. :D

In for Cities in Motion.
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I'm in for...

Gemini Rue
Cities in Motion

I'm in for Victoria II. I lost count how many steamgifts giveaways I entered for that game, I'm already obsessed with winning it.

Edit: Just realized I could choose a runner up. If I don't get Victoria II, I wouldn't mind a go at cities in motion too.
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Hey! I'm in for Cities in Motion or Magicka if that's OK.