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Original game from the acclaimed series coming soon to
ne_zavarj: Is this an exclusive offer ?
No Steam , GamersGate or any other store ?
Carmageddon is an old game. Like most of our classics, no one has it for the immediate future. ;)
oldschool: Kool, I've only have one question, How are they going to handle the old 3dfx graphics? are they going to incorporate some sort of glide wrapper? thanks for the news, i'm excited.
Psyringe: Gog and Zeus Software (creator of a popular 3dfx wrapper) recently announced their partnership, so I assume they're going to use that. See here.
Outstanding, i totally missed this thread back in April. +1
SLP2000: And as for Carmageddon - I think the main problem here is that only GOG will test it and make it run on modern machines. They (devs) can't allow anyone to sell not working version, as it could hurt their sales with C:Reincarnation.
Miaghstir: On the other hand, other distributors (at least Gamersgate) have used GOG's repackaged installers at the permission of the publisher.
Free GOG advertising? :)