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Things I remember:
- Was a point + click adventure
- Was horror themed (I think)
- Took place on a pirate ship (Possibly a ghost ship)
- I remember a giant squid
- You played as a kid (Don't know if male or female).
- Was possibly released in the late 90's
- 3D Prerendered environments
- 3rd person perspective
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This question / problem has been solved by FlameWhipimage
FlameWhip: Ok, one more try before I give up. was it VooDoo Kid?
Aatami: That's it!

Yay! So, was the game any good? It looks extremely strange.
I remember it being very short, but good. Although that is possibly from nostalgia only.
Well maybe it'll wind up on GOG now, considering it's an Atari game.