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Stuff: Edit: And don't be so sheepish from here on, you're a necromancer in training, think big!
Rohan15: You amuse me. For that, I shall not kill you....yet.
uruk: koboldcaptaindeath:Welcome rohan to outpost greenwood.
koboldcaptaindeath:here a few magic item that used to belong to are last leader.
koboldcaptaindeath:a magic belt of healing and a few other weak magic items.
koboldcaptaindeath: yes i am a kobold you can stop asking that now.
koboldcaptaindeath:the outpost has 150 men here. made up of mostly goblins,some kobolds ,a orge and 6 trolls.
koboldcaptaindeath:Now for big stuff we deal with here at the outpost. a blood mage move here and build a tower not to long ago.been summoning only imps so far.we fear they may summon more powerful demons soon and over run the outpost.
koboldcaptaindeath:there a cave of orcs that attack us form time to time. there starting to get brave again they may attack us soon.
koboldcaptaindeath:the last of the big threats is a tribe of hobgoblins.all talks with them have end up with the messager dead or left dieing on the road some were.
koboldcaptaindeath:one last thing from time to time we get reports of elven rangers in the woods.
koboldcaptaindeath:that is all sir.we a wait your orders.

Rohan: Give me a quarter of your men and allow me to forge something to fight the blood mage.
After a night of training himself in the power of enchantments, Rohan enchants his new Silver Dagger with a dark curse, one which allows internal bleeding until the cursed target dies.
*Rohan leads his men and animals to the blood mage tower. After a brutal confrontation with the mage's henchman, Rohan ascends the stairs and fights the mage. Thankfully, the mage was caught off guard, so he was able to kill the reckless fool with ease. Rohan returned to the camp wearing the mages robes and covered in his blood.*

koboldcaptaindeath:After counting the dead and wound here is the report.10 dead 8 wounded.It could of been far worse. You did well sir.
koboldcaptaindeath:The sun is going down. it will be night time soon.Looks like we may have a storm to night. wait is it snowing?Dam wizards!
[in some other place not to long ago.]
uruk:That wizard is dead.
uruk:Now lets see what we have here.
uruk:This item is a very powerful magic item or a item made to look weird for no reason.
[back at outpost greenwood]
koboldcaptaindeath:Looks like were snow in sir. i order a few men to try to get rid of the snow. bad news is the snow is magic sir. we try burning it with fire.Yet it fail to do anything.
koboldcaptaindeath:Good news is the snow should keep us safe form any of are enemys as well.
koboldcaptaindeath:any new orders sir?
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