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I'm using Opera and well.... doesn't look like it shouold in this browser. There's some optimization needed, especially in "game catalogue". Just look at the attached images. Ofcourse im using latest opera version - 9.52. Hope it's fixed soon.
1.jpg (264 Kb)
2.jpg (193 Kb)
3.jpg (285 Kb)
I am using opera version 9.52 and so far havent had any issues with the site. The pages look ok. Not sure what could be causig the problems your having. I am using a resolution of 1600x1050 . I wander if the problem could be resolution related.
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Looks like you accidentally ttriggered one of Operas features.
Looking at your attachments it could be either the print preview view, the small resolution view or the fit-to-width view.
I'm guessing it's the latter. Just open the view menue and uncheck "fit to width". It's also one of the many buttons when you click on the glasses button. I think the keyboard shortcut was CTRL&F11.
CTLance - You are the maaan. Thank a lot. It works perfectly now :) Like you were guessing it was this "fit to width" feature. Little thing but makes a difference. Thanks again.
I'd just like to report that while posting in Opera 9.25 (maybe that's why, I just don't like the newest versions) I cannot:
1. Load avatars from my computer
2. Attach pictures to posts.
Failure to load an avatar is documented on this screenshot:
(I cannot attach it because I'm posting from Opera :D)
Under IE everything goes smoothly.
While we're here, I'll mention that the site does not deal at all well with simple font size enlargements. Lots of overlapping lines of text (e.g. the All Forums page), links sometimes look like they have a strike-through effect rather than an underline, and when the 'write/edit a post' window pops up, the submit buttons are off screen and I have to make the window bigger in order to see them.
All a bit messy, really, so if you paid some professionals to put it together, then you should be making a few disgruntled noises to them about this. If you did it yourselves, OTOH, I have much more sympathy :) You should probably get this sorted before you conclude the beta, though.