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Today Revolution Software has announced that it will be releasing Broken Sword-The Smoking Mirror Remastered very soon for iPhone/i Pad, PC and Mac.
Info can be found on the official site:

My question is: seeing as Broken Sword 1 was (and still is...) unavailable in GOG, probably to avoid losing sales of the Remastered version, is it possible that Broken Sword 2 which is currently available may be removed soon for the same reason?

I'd like a response from the team if possible, perhaps it's time I got it off my wishlist before it disappears (which I really hope it never will!)

EDIT: LOL, Broken Sword 1 just released on GOG. Just noticed the news.

Which btw, probably makes my question about Broken Sword 2 even more valid...
Time to buy at promo price today! 60% off is an offer noone would resist. :D
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