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Browsing trough the game catalog I was surprised to find out that the games from Bohemia Interactive, although on sale, seem to be on a side sale and not included in the big holiday promo.
Here's what is written in each of the sale descriptions:

"Get this and other great Bohemia Interactive titles at 40% off until 26 December at 14:59 GMT"

Assuming the sale description is correct I think it's rather unfair since this Bohemia promo doesn't seem to have been announced anywhere in the website and most users will probably believe these four games are actually on sale until January 3. It should be explicitly noted on the front page that these particular games are on sale until 26 December.

In the very least I wanted to draw attention to anyone interested in buying these games so they won't miss the sale.
Square-Enix games are also on sale only until Dec. 19
"Get this and other great Square Enix titles at 50% off until 19 December at 14:59 GMT"
GOG says that they will remind everyone 48 hours before the sales for these games end.
I see. Has this discussion been addressed on another topic?

Well, if they'll warn the users it is a little better. But I still think it's deceptive to put in big bold letters "475 GAMES ON SALE ONLY UNTIL JAN 3" if that's not true for many games!

Even though I don't know if they're counting the Square Enix, Bohemia Interactive (and other bundles in similar situation) in this 475 game count, what's significant here is the difficulty of finding out about these specific shorter promos.
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Yes, this was mentioned in this post:
In addition, Retro City Rampage is also only on sale till the 26th.
Thanks. Seems my skills with the search tool are still very lacking. It seems there aren't many soon-to-end bundles though, thankfully.