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In this game, you play as a not so intelligent guy who just lost a bet to someone. He has to give up everything he has(house, car, money saved up etc) or streak through five cites for 24 hours each without getting caught by the police. He decided to streak. The night before he has to do all this, aliens abducted him and turned him into a super human. So yeah, you play as a naked guy with super powers who will be chased by police because running around naked is illegal. The cities will be New York, London, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo. There will be achievements and cool tattoos, hair styles and piercings, you can unlock. There is also a zombie mode that can be unlocked. In this mode you are running away from zombies in cities taken over by zombies during a zombie apocalypse.
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Too keep in the spirit of your giveaway, here's my concept.


Poop Chuter (shooter)- A game where you're a monkey with a bazooka who escaped the zoo. The bazooka shoots monkey poo, and he needs to find bananas to "restore" ammo. It'd be in the style of Rockstar Games. or Prince of Persia/God of war.
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Not in, but an isometric shooter that has fully destructible environments and over the top physics would be neat.

As far as story, how about an alien that's part of an invasion force, but got the directions wrong and came to earth instead.

He can't just return home or he'll be an branded an idiot. But, if he single handedly takes over earth, everyone will think he's great. So, he uses all the powerful alien weapons he has to take out civilians, military, gangs, and everything in between.
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