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This Monday, February 4th, my son turns 4. Next Monday I turn... well, a little more than 4. Just a little. No need to be more specific.

To celebrate it, I've decided to do something extremely original... a giveaway! (how come none of you ever thought of that?).

I've chosen two little indie games that probably take away 2 or 3 hours of your life (maybe 4, if you complete the side quests; there are a coulpe of those).

Baldur's Gate 2: Complete
Planescape: Torment

My kid is really into dinosaurs lately. To enter, just post a pic of a dinosaur and he'll choose his favorite two (or, if he is too busy, maybe I'll use No violent pictures, please! Remember he is only 4 (well, almost 4 for now). If you pick a dinosaur from the series Dinosaur Train, I suspect you'll be improving your chances.

You can enter for both games, but you can only win one. Please only enter if you are interested in playing them. We'll choose the winner the 11th or 12th.
Happy birthday to both your son and you.

I'm in.
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Good games, although I'm not in. I just wanted to wish you and your kid a Happy Birthday! ^_^
Take care both of you, and have some nice days! :)

Cheers! ^_^
Happy Birthday to you and to your son Andanzas.

In for Planescape: Torment. Thanks and +1.
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Entering for either, but I would prefer Planescape. Happy birthday to your son!
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I'm in for Baldur's Gate 2!
t_rex.jpg (400 Kb)
I'm in for Planescape, Hope you and your son have an awesome birthday.

Here is my dinosaur.

My son used to love Dinosaur Train. He would run around saying "I have a hypopesis!" It was very cute, so I have a soft spot for the show.
not in but here
I have these games and I wasn't going to post in here but I'm looking at these pics and it makes me sick. No one here appreciates the classics, and in turn you may lead this young impressionable child to harbor no love for the one true king of the dinasaurs:
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Happy birthday to both your son and you. Not entering as I have tham +1 :)
Here's an early happy birthday to both of you!

I'd like to enter for both games.. BG2 over Planescape if I win first..
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Happy birthday to your son, and to you too :) In for BG 2

Here's a stylized pic of a Spinosaurus, the coolest dinosaur ever:
Happy birthday to you and your son (in advance) and thanks for the giveaway.

I'm in for just Planetscape, I already have Baulder's Gate 2
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Happy birthday to both of you! I used to love dinosaurs as a kid, my favorite was the velociraptor so here you go. I'm in for both games.
Happy bday Andanzas! Thank you for the giveaway, +1.
I'm in for Planetscape Torment.