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high rated
Hello guys! I just turned 17 yeah!

and so I will giveaway some games

First Winner!! : A interplay game pack that includes
Fallout 1 , Fallout 2 , Die by the sword and Redneck Rampage all are very awesome games !!!

Second Winner! : Divine Divinity

Third Price 3x : Duke nukem 3x

Oh and if anyone wants to gift me something it would be really cool or support me in buying new pc then my paypal is

This is just like yeah .. ..

Good luck everyone!

Xmas is nice....


Duke nukem 3D

to everyone who missed the chance getting it free...

Since most ppl were intrested in DD or INterplay pack I decided to post them here and not make a roll of thoose...

so feel free to crab one for yourself or give to a newcomer friend who had no chance getting DN3D

Thank you all for good wishes!
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Wooh! I'm in!
Happy Birthday!
Not in, but thanks. +1
Happy Birthday! I'll join :D
I'm in!
Happy Birthday!
I'm in for Divine Divinity. Thanks.
I'm in for Interplay pack! Thanks and happy birthday!
Congratz/Happy birthday and thanks for your generosity! :D

: In for Interplay pack :
Happy Birthday!

im in
Happy Birthday.

I'm not in, but I'm digging the WarCraft2 peasant picture.
Another one of those "not in, but just want to wish you a happy birthday, +1 for the giveaway" posts :-)
I'm in for the Interplay pack.

Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Not Joining in on the giveaway but Just wanted to say happy Birthday!

the lucky winners have some great games to look forward too
In for interplay pack and happy 17th birthday!