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Momo1991: Excellent! How is Sophia doing, btw?
misfire200: She is wonderful and already spoiler with love. Her favorite activity during the daytime is laying on my wherever I am=)

Her collarbone is getting a lot better as it was confirmed that it was fractured during the delivery; however, she is already moving her left shoulder with full range of motion and it should be completely healed within 4 weeks. That really has been the only issue although sad that it is. Otherwise she is doing awesome.

Now our little 3 year old on the other hand....he loves his little sister but he is going through some adjustments from not being the baby anymore although he did try Sophia's crying trick. I am pretty sure he picked up on the fact that whenever Sophia yells/cries she gets attention and picked up and coddled and all that...well Alexander has tried the yelling approach a couple times...sadly he does not like the results=) That was nipped in the butt within two days as we were not going to let that go on. But the last couple days he has been doing much better and he gets a lot of one on one time with the parent not holding the baby so he is good.
Stooner: lies, lies... ALL lies! The key floating in my PM box was a Bad Rats + Revelations 2012 bundle!....

naah.. just kidding.. thank you so much, misfire200!.. ;p (I had no chance with the GOG game, but what a nice surprise!)
thanks too, guys and gals! o/

and kisses to the little Sophia!

To infinity and beyond!
misfire200: shhhhhh...dont let that out of the forgot it also included 10 Dota 2's=)
I am so sorry to hear about the collarbone - ouch ;-( Fortunately babies are so resilient! As to jealousy issues, it sounds like you and your wife have a great handle on that - extra attention without giving in to unwanted/negative behavior is definitely the way to go. I am so happy for you and your family ;-)