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Pop in here and tell us about the game you're playing that was gifted to you (or won) on this forum! I know of no better way to thank the people who gave us games (except for paying it forward, which is always a wonderful thing!) You don't have to say who the game came from... unless you want to call them out for their generosity, of course! lol~


My time is limited right now, so I'm in and out of games erratically, but I did start Knock-knock recently. What an odd game! The first few "nights" are pretty simple -- just learning a bit about your house, its quirks, and the mechanics of the game.

... and then you start night four. O__o Wow. I think that I've played it four or five times now, and have yet to survive the night. It seemed kind of... err... underwhelming at first, but the more I played it, the more jumpy I became. This is a game you really need the sound on for, as it really adds something to the immersiveness.

I don't want to go into too much detail, especially since 1. I've not played much of it yet, and 2. I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that it's a trial-and-error descent into madness, and possibly, something much more.

Many thanks for this interesting game! ♥
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I started playing Two Worlds 2 a while ago gifted by Coelocanth from his giveaway. Great game indeed.
Another I was gifted was a 90% off coupon for FaeVerse Alchemy from alloy627 -- simply because she saw the game on my wishlist ♥

$30 is pretty outrageous for the game, but $3.00? Oh yeah, DEFINITELY worth it! I have whiled away many hours (here and there, of course) on this game, happily trying to strategize the best way to place my items. It's not simply a match-3 mechanic; you really need to *think* about your moves.

We can "hold" four items in our inventory, each of which can be used once during that particular round. Adding anything to your inventory automatically starts a new round, so be sure to stay out of that section until you finish off your current round.

It's a very addictive game, and an ambitious project by Subsoap (who also brought us Faerie Solitaire, but the way.) There have been multiple updates since I started playing it, and obviously, a lot more are planned!

If you can get a hold of one of those Steam coupons, I highly recommend checking it out. Otherwise, definitely take a look once the game has been fully released (as the price will drop, then.)
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I just wrote to OldFatGuy to thank him again because I finished Hexcells Plus.

A relatively short (about eight hours going for a no-mistakes achievment) but fun logic game. Think of the old Windows minesweeper but in hexagonal cells, other types of clues and with a soothing music that somehow adds your discoveries to the tune.

I'm also past halway of Fortix 2, given to me by alexkoti. You are a knight "freeing" areas by tracing a line and avoiding cannons, fireballs, bats and dragons of several kinds. It has a section of "classic levels" that are the same stages available in Fortix 1 (although I understand the rules are not the same).

Also, good idea for a thread.

Oh, and Knock Knock sound interesting!
madth3: I'm also past halway of Fortix 2, given to me by alexkoti.
I bought both Fortix 1 & 2 when they were on sale! I was thrilled to find that they're just like the old Stix game I used to play on my Commodore 64, only with a little bit of a plot, and increased difficulty. I've been having fun with them! They're pretty easy (for an old Stix player like myself, anyway) but I'm liking 'em! Besides, they come with Steam trading cards, and that helps to defray the price a bit :D
I entered a giveaway contest way back and won Skyrim, courtesy of MonstaMunch. Put around 130 hours into it. This was a very much appreciated gift and still is today, as I've just recently added Dragonborn to the game and will at some point go through it with a new character. Not only that but my daughter is playing through as well and having a blast with it. Just a great, great gift from MonstaMunch. My lasting thanks for that.

I don't enter draws anymore since I'm in a situation where I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford games I want to play without having to worry too much about it. So now I pay it forward with giveaways to try to spread the goodwill and happiness (yeah, I know it's goofy, so sue me. :P)
Recently playing Balls of Steel which I got from Secret Santa last year. It is nice to relax with a virtual pinball game every once in awhile and just knock a ball around. I enjoy them when I get a chance to play.
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Coelocanth: So now I pay it forward with giveaways to try to spread the goodwill and happiness (yeah, I know it's goofy, so sue me. :P)
How is that goofy; it's wonderful that you can do that! I wish I could do giveaways more often, myself! On behalf of all of us who love playing games, Thank you!
I've got quite a few games from the generous people here recently.

Today I got fired (wasn't that bad, my job was actually making me depressed) so I've spent a few hours playing Raiden Legacy and Slave Zero to cool off.

Thank you, generous people!!!
Falci: I've got quite a few games from the generous people here recently.

Today I got fired (wasn't that bad, my job was actually making me depressed) so I've spent a few hours playing Raiden Legacy and Slave Zero to cool off.

Thank you, generous people!!!
Sorry to hear that buddy, I hope you can get new and better work opportunity soon!


Hey, great thread OP, and I'm agree that the best way to say thanks to gifter is to play the game :) Nothing beats the feel of knowing that the game you gifted is arrived in the right home and being loved by its new owner.

Not too long after I'm joining GOG, Insomnia Sale breaks (I still hate that sale for ruining my sleep :P) I was hanging around in the Insomnia Sale thread, and one time I ask everyone who might keep additional keys for Torchlight for the possibility of TRADING *because I miss the sale and really want to buy it* . Turns out from an empty air, someone PM'ed me with a free key.

Yes, Rixxb, that's you! That's my first time someone ever gift a game to me, and I remember it very well, since it's the game that I really wanted! :D

I still playing the game right now, I got stuck with the over powered lightning strike of Dark Zealot in the Dark Palace stage I became so annoyed :P I guess I will finish the game soon, and begin to create a mess with all the mods available in the internet, it will sap many hours from my life again I'm sure :P
Excellent thread, genkicolleen. Couldn't agree more!

Unfortunately (but also somewhat fortunately) the time I can spent gaming has decreased over past two months, and with FIFA World Cup ongoing it's almost non-existent. XD

But there are few games I could mention that belong in the category this topic's about:

1. I've had a cracking time with Probably Archery that was gifted to me by rong44.
At first you feel like an idiot, because simple thing like placing an arrow on bow string seems so hard, but after some practice the fun hits and it really interesting to try out all game modes and chase some wacky achievements.
Played for about 5 hours.

2. In catpower1980's generous giveaway I've won probably my favorite indie game of all times, The Binding of Isaac. Its randomness is so addictive and it respect the time you have available for playing as you can play for 20 minutes or couple of hours in one sitting. Sadly, I wasn't able to get all the achievements as Dark Boy is too hard after the DLC got implemented.
Played for about 98 hours.

3. Next up will be Heroes of Might & Magic which was gifted to me during Summer Sale by a very generous person who want to stay anonymous. I was so happy when I got this game as it was topping my wishlist for some time, I find it to be a very good start of an amazing series. I've played it some 6-7 years ago when it was available on Still have the save after finishing some part of the campaign, so I'll continue from there.
Soon I'll be suffering a serious "one more turn" fever. :)

Thank you kind souls dwelling on our lovely forums!
DeMignon offered up Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe, which I happily accepted. What a blast this game is! It's a Pong-type game at heart, but we have wonderful 3D graphics, fun power-ups, interesting gameplay, a test-your-luck mini-game, plenty of incentive, and an actual storyline . . . and that's just at the beginning!

You've gotta love the Star Wars-esque setting and plethora of interesting characters, and I'm loving the game -- it's a great escape, and it's nice to play a game that's highly based on reflexes, and NOT requiring me to think right now ;D

Thanks, DeMignon! :D
I'm currently playing through Blade: the Edge of Darkness, a 2001 hack 'n' slash game with a fantastic combat system. Developed by Rebel Act Studios (a now defunct Spanish game developer), BoD was ahead of its time in many ways, especially with its dynamic lighting system and dismemberment possibilities. I played the game in the immediate year after its release, more than a decade ago. I had since lost my copy, but now, thanks to the generosity of this community (and some troubleshooting), I'm able to play it once again.

Thank you chevkoch!

P.D.: and thanks genkicolleen for a fantastic idea for a thread!
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I'd surely love to see more talk in this thread! I love hearing about others' gaming experiences, if nothing else :D

So a while back, LesterKnight99 randomly gave out some codes, and one of them landed with me. Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory is a different kind of platformer (a genre which I love, by the way!), and heavy on the puzzle-solving elements, something else that I enjoy. It's a bit hard to explain how the game works... It would probably be easiest for you to try out the demo to see for yourself (you can find it right there on the game page linked above.)

Overall, I like the game, and will happily continue to play it as time allows. Thanks for the game, Lester!

I'm still working on Knock-knock, and I find it strangely addictive -- had a hard time stopping last night when it was time for bed! lol~ FaeVerse Alchemy is my go-to relaxation game lately, as it's VERY addictive, even in its non-polished state!
This is a great idea for a topic.

I sometimes put a few hours into Alpha Centauri that I won in IAmSinistar's "Rooting For GOG" mega giveaway. I also started Bad Mojo, also courtesy of IAmSinistar's, but didn't have time to get very far.

Since I'm still deep in The Witcher 2, Divinity 2 given to me by trentonlf during the summer sale still sits impatiently on the edge of my shelf. But it probably will be my next "big RPGish" game after The Witcher 2.