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Tarnicus gave me Puzzle Quest as a pre-house warming gift (the move is STILL being delayed! ARGH!) and I was able to give it a try the other night. Friends have told me for years that this is a really great game, but I never got around to trying it.

It turns out that Puzzle Quest is just as addictive and fun as they'd been telling me! What great stress relief it is! What we have is an RPG-lite, with battles done via match-3's. That may not sound that interesting, but there's a definite strategy to it (lest ye be defeated,) with equipment, skill points, etc. to help you on your way. No two play-throughs will be the same, as you can take quests in any order you wish (though of course some are locked until you reach a higher level.)

Thanks again for the stress-relief-game, Tarnicus!
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Currently playing Bad Mojo Redux gifted in real.geizterfahr's 100 giveaway. The attention to detail is astounding and quite a bit creepy. So if you don't mind images of moving cockroaches, half-dead mice in mousetraps, dead flies, spiders, cigarette butts, etc. This is the game for you!
I got Steamworld Dig from dedoporno's Big Daddy giveaway. I've been having tons of fun digging every mineral in the game, getting the upgrades and etc... It's a simple game, but fun. The character design is good as well, steampunk western is a weak spot for me :)

I also got Thief Gold from IanM, and like I said in my entry for his giveaway, trying to sneak while using tap shoes will never go out of fashion :)

I'd also like to thank GaminggUy45 from his spare NWN code from the Neverwitcher Nights tread, revisiting that game was a trip to nostalgia land :D