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One of the first games I was ever gifted on these forums is Pickers
It was gifted to me by MunkiSiren.
A very nice and relaxing game, which I have already finished twice.
(in the second run I also got all of the achievements)
asrul1992: I started playing Two Worlds 2 a while ago gifted by Coelocanth from his giveaway. Great game indeed.
Is it? I heard the exact opposite from a review. Probably because of all the hype, and then let down on it's release. At least it's better than the disaster of Two Worlds 1, or so I hear.
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IAmSinistar gifted Escape Goat to me simply because I said that I enjoy platformers and asked if Escape Goat was worth playing. I've now been playing it for about 15 minutes, and it's great! A puzzle-platformer that makes you think, just my kind of thing! I'm enjoying it very much.

Please give Sinistar a +1 for random kindness HERE (and enter his giveaway while you're at if, if you're so inclined!).

Thanks again, Sinistar! ^__^
It's a good idea, but I usually just post this info in the "currently playing", and "games finished" threads.
genkicolleen: IAmSinistar gifted Escape Goat
I wanted to see if I could trade for Escape Goat (otherwise I would have bought in on Monday) and bam: a PM from IAmSinistar.

I'm at 84% according to the game, missing only one of the regular stages and most of the stages after the final door. A great game.

And discussing about the latest flash bundle, IAmSinistar sent me Full Bore. I've played for an hour and is a very interesting game and I sill have way too many things to uncover there.
Lovely idea for a thread, genkicolleen! Big +1s!
Started playing 12 Labours of Hercules tonight, which was gifted to me by the thoughtful Accatone. It's a fun game, and more challenging than it first appears. It's definitely one of the better "casual" games I've played in a while, and pretty addictive. I also like how Hercules is pretty much a lazy slob except when mighty feats need doing. He reminds me strongly of the Hercules from the MST3K episodes. :)

Thanks again to Accatone for the fun gift, it's one I can recommend to other fans of the play style too.
I have been playing The Walking Dead season 1, which was gifted to me by the awesome foxworks. I must say, this game is so worth playing. I highly recommend everyone give it a try. It is too bad GOG does not have this game :(
No doubt -- I do so wish that GOG would get the Walking Dead games! They're fantastic!!

Tonight, on a whim, I decided to try Dark Scavenger. Where did I get it, from whom did it come? This I do not know~! lol~ I'm sure that I won it in a giveaway, or perhaps it was a random kindness...?

Well, whoever it was, thank you very much! This game is a hoot! It reminds me a lot of the games I played as a kid, and it's really a great game to zone out on -- perfect for the way I'm feeling right now! :D