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The quest to retrieve the lost treasure of Ubisoft is almost over (the voting still continues). With the release of the fifth game from Ubisoft's vaults the whole adventure resulted as a great success. And it's all thanks to you GOG Heroes. We make a bow in front of you.

After the hard work you did it's time to celebrate and share the glory. Spread the word about GOG and the latest treasure from Ubisoft in any way you choose to: click on the Digg or Twitter button you'll find below (and make sure to follow us on Twitter), share the link to GOG on Facebook, write the GOG url on the toilet roll in your office restroom, run around naked in the mall with the GOG logo covering you know what, or do something else you have on your mind - just remember not to harm anyone, including yourself :) Then share what you did with the GOG community in this thread (pictures would be appreciated, but not necessary) and out of all comments we'll randomly pick 5 users who will win the good ol' GOG box of goods.

And of course all GOG Heroes who participated in at least one of the quests during last few weeks are eligible to win the grand prize - a real sword, GOG branded shield and $150 USD worth of GOG games! The grand prize winner will be announced shortly.
Shared the link. GOG 4 LIFE!
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Wow. You guys sure know how to give away prizes. I'm not sure if I'll enter this one, but it should be interesting to see all the (stupid) stuff people do (provided they post pictures of what they've done).
Done. Shared on FB, posted on Twitter and dugg on Digg. If I think of something else awesome to do I'll be posting it up here too...
tweeted it to followers :) GOG ftw!
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For now I've just tweeted it, but when I have some more time I'll try and think of more ways to share it.
Shared the GoG Link on Facebook, and made sure to tell the good people of my campus about it personally and via our message boards!
Just retweeted.
Tweeted it.
Twitted like a maniac to ensure GoG supremacy. FOR THE GOOD OLD GAMES!
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Retweeted and shared it with a friend who loved Rayman. Hopefully I can do something more public before weeks end (and share it here)!
Tweet'd, but will definitely think of some other way to divulge it. By the way, what's in that GOG box?
Done - RT on twitter and link on FB.
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