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I don't know if this is fair, but I couldn't stand The Bee Gees growing up because I disliked Disco (I'm still not a fan, but I don't really hate any music since all music has fans). However, toward the end of their career, The Bee Gees went back to their early folk-rock stylings with the album "This Is Where We Came In" and it was a brilliant album. The title track is one of the best Folk-Rock songs I've ever heard.

At first I disliked Yes, but years later when my friends were going to their concert, I joined in, saw an incredible show, and have been a fan ever since.

There is one type of music I hated, but which has become one of my favorite types of music. I used to hate Reggae. Then, one day, I was walking through a town celebration, and there was a live Reggae band. I stopped and listened and the music went right into me like magic. Now, I own several Reggae CDs and am planning to go to Jamaica in the future just to buy exclusive Reggae records you can't get outside Jamaica. Even though I love Punk, sometimes I skip through my Bad Brains CDs just to hear the Reggae tracks when I get a taste for Reggae. I still do not get along with "sad" Reggae though, like some of Peter Tosh's more political tracks.

Still, to go from hating Reggae to collecting Bob Marley and his family's music is a big change. I also became a fan of Ska through listening to early Reggae like Desmond Dekker.
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Well age definitely changes your perception of music, when I was a kid I probably had the worst taste in music and it was my most shameful phase where I listened to a lot boy bands (*cringe,,,shudder*). At that time I brought a couple of albums on a whim because they were popular on the charts and I just hated them so I forgot about those albums. Years later when my musical tastes evolved I found the albums and listened to them again absolutely loving the songs this time. The albums were "(Whats the Story) Morning Glory?" by Oasis and "New Adventures in Hi-Fi" by R.E.M. which is now one of my favorite bands of all time now. What I really hate these days is the return of boy bands with One Direction and Tweens like Justin Beiber getting popular again.
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ZapMcRaygunn: Still, to go from hating Reggae to collecting Bob Marley and his family's music is a big change. I also became a fan of Ska through listening to early Reggae like Desmond Dekker.
Funny that - Reggae always has been - and still is - the only genre of music I just don't really 'get'. I am eclectic as can be in my taste aside that, but there's something about that particular genre that just doesn't work for me, at all.
Judas Priest. Couldnt stand them when I was younger. Now that I am old and decrepit I think "You've got another thing coming" as my personal theme song against The Gods of Skinny Punks and their minions.
I can't think of anything I hated and now love. I can think of music I didn't give a chance back in the 80's that I love now.

My problem with music is I am stuck in a rut. My comfort zone: Metallica (early albums), Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, and Iron Maiden are my go to music choices for the last few years. I have no interest in what used to be some of my favorite music and only want to listen to one of these bands. And there are other thrash metal bands I would love to listen to, but why should I bother when I'm happy listening to my favorites.
Can I jump in here and just say "The 80's"?

When that music was being made I thought I had been born into the 'Dark Ages' of music but now I love it all. All the bands I used to despise from that decade I own cds of now. :D How we change.
darthspudius: How is that possible? They sound even worse live then they do in studio and im not just saying that. Their stage shows are nice but nothing you can't see done better by KISS, Motley Crue or rammstein.
Neobr10: Sound worse than they do in studio? That's debatable. I definitely don't agree with that. There are songs that i enjoyed much more live than on the CD, like Duality, Wait and Bleed, Spit it out and Before I Forget.

By the way, Slikpnot's live performance was considered to be the best in Rock in Rio 2011 both by the critics and the public. And they played alongside Metallica and Motorhead at that day, not to mention the other bands at the festival like Guns, SOAD, RHCP and they even beat "pop" bands like Coldplay (the band is horrible, but they have a shitload of fans here).

darthspudius: From a professional and technical standard Helloween is one of the best Live bands I have had the pleasure of seeing.
Neobr10: From a technical point of view i think Slayer was the best i have seen. I enjoyed Helloween's concert, but it was far from being one of the best i've seen.
pugsarecool: I've seen A7x, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Chevelle, Buckcherry, REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, Tesla, Godsmack, Sevendust, Twisted Sister, Ratt, Dokken, Slaughter, Saliva, Queensryche, Jackyl, Kid Rock, Seether, Skid Row, Def Leppard, Heart, and a few others, blanking right now.

Buuuut, this summer I'm seeing Korn, Rob Zombie, Megadeth, HellYeah, Machine Head, Slayer, FFDP, Kill Devil Hill, Black Label Society, and whatever else comes around here. I'd really like to see Primus, Prong, Deftones, Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots (with Scott Weiland), Faith No More and Rush.
Neobr10: I envy you. We barely ever get good concerts here in Brazil (it's getting better, though, we already got quite a few good bands here this year). Right now the bands that i want to see the most are 5FDP, Rammstein and Anthrax (the only band out of the big 4 that i still haven't seen live).
I'm an idiot. Totally forgot to add I've seen Anthrax. Saw them at Rock USA 2013, have some video of them playing Madhouse live and got a t-shirt. Absolutely killer live. Can't believe I forgot them last night, I thought I remember adding them. I was getting over a cold and was just about to pass out from the NyQuil I took :p
As a small kid, I recall looking at the cover of my big brother's old Pink Floyd LP album cover, where there was this factory and some silly flying pig. I recall also hearing my brother sometime playing it, and the music was non-sensical, a bit like trying to listen to death metal or modern jazz.

When I grew up, I was re-introduced to Pink Floyd by a friend of mine, and Animals became my favorite album ever (from any band). "Sheep", great piece of music.
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When I was younger I used to hate electronic music and only listened to metal stuff like Fear Factory, Slipknot, Slayer etc, nowadays what I like best is electronic/ambient music like Plaid, Autechre, Jega, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and so on.

Though I have also developed a liking to these "new" 80's retro style music which is happening on the "indie" scene, mostly online on bandcamp. Also I have a deep, dark and secret guilty secret that I occasionally indulge in JPop and various anime OP/ED themes, which I would of rather jumped off a bridge than listen to when I was a small lad.
It's mostly the other way around. I used to listen to metal in my high school years but after some time i found out that it goes nowhere and it actually tries very hard to have no progress at all, not to mention the fans. So i just went over to some less pointless music, basically anything that's not metal.
I actually found a lot of good, interesting and imaginative music from various genres which in retrospective made metal seem even more dull.
not a rock band actually. but dangdut (local music genre.) i used to hate it, a lot/. its a music genre who albeit enjoyed from the poor up until the upper scale that coming from humble background, despise by some elitism cultural jerk. started to change when i saw some decent looking performer with less focus on erotic dance more into the song aka back to the root. any music genre can be great or crap depend on lots of thing but surely not by some high low culture classification.
Linkin Park.

Meteora was a completely turn around for me, so much that I started to listen to older albums too.