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Gotcha!! April Fools' Joke!! (:D)... ...or maybe not! Only one way to find out! ^_^

Now seriously, my birthday is in April 3, so I've prepared a Birthday Giveaway for this community who have been very good to me. It's the first time doing a BG, so please, be gentle with me... ^_^

- From the list of games below, you'll post all the games you're interested, in priority from the highest to the lowest.
- You can post all the games you want, but because I want to maximize the numbers of winners, you'll get only one (1) game from your list.
- You can edit your list as many times you want, until I close the giveaway, next Saturday.
- Once the giveaway is closed, I will make a "master list" of participants, in the order of entry post, and random this list with RANDOM.ORG. For this randomized list, I will procede to give the first available game to the first person up to the last, according to his/her wished list, and move to the next person.
- The giveaway will be open until the next Satuday April 6, and I will close it aprox. at 6:00 PM (GMT-3).
- Game Keys will be sent via PM, after posting the list of winners.

1. Please choose games you would play anytime this year.
2. The game keys are for personal use only. No gifting or trading allowed. The only exception for this is the (up to) $9,99 game (GOG), which you can choose for gifting purposes.
3. If you're not in, you are allow to participate to support someone else's entry.
4. Please post "(GOG)", "(Steam)" and "(Desura)" like in the list of games below (copy&paste also works...).
5. For the (up to) $9,99 game, please post the game title followed by "(GOG)". Because the giveaway will end during a weekend promo, I will confirm with the winner the game(s) in his/her list.


1 x Any game up to $9,99 (GOG)
1 x Waking Mars (GOG)

1 x The Journey Down: Chapter 1 (Desura) [Kindly donated by K_1269]
1 x Shadows On The Vatican: Act 1 (Desura) [Kindly donated by K_1269]

4 x Trine (Steam)
4 x Cities in Motion (Steam)
2 x Magicka + Vietnam DLC (Steam)
1 x Painkiller: Black Edition (Steam)
3 x Deponia (Steam)
3 x Home (Steam)
3 x Victoria II (Steam)
1 x Jolly Rover (Steam)
1 x Vertex Dispenser (Steam)
1 x Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Steam)
1 x Gemini Rue (Steam)
1 x The Blackwell Deception (Steam)
1 x Resonance (Steam)
1 x Snapshot (Steam)
1 x Fieldrunners (Steam)
1 x Geneforge Saga (Steam)
1 x Red Faction: Armageddon + Path To War DLC (Steam)
1 x Darksiders (Steam)
1 x SpaceChem (Steam)
1 x Cubemen (Steam)
1 x The Journey Down: Chapter 1 (Steam)
1 x iBomber Defense (Steam)
1 x Aztaka (Steam)

1 x The IndieGala Dwarves BTA (IndieGala) [Kindly donated by Ian]

Is someone still reading this?! (:P)
First, I want to thanks the generous K_1269 for donating the Desura games you see in this list, and the generous Ian for The IndieGala Dwarves BTA! ^_^
I have been preparing this for a couple of months with everybody in mind (Steam lovers & haters). I wanted this to be better, but things didn't go as planned, and I couldn't add more games. As a unemployed student, this is the best I can do for now, so I wish that the games end in the hands of people genuinely interested in them. Having said that, I wish all of you Good Luck! ^_^
Post edited April 01, 2013 by Azrael360
Happy Birthday Azrael360!

Not in, but thanks and +rep.
Thanks for the Giveaway!

Happy Birthday, may the Supreme God of Heavy Metal grant you a day full of heavenly made Rock'n'Roll and plenty of happiness and awesomeness!

I'm in for the 9,99 USD gog, game.


Thank you once more!
Happy birthday!

Here's my list:

1. Psychonauts (GOG)
2. Aztaka (steam)
3. Waking Mars (GOG)
4. Jolly Rover (Steam)
5. Cubemen (Steam)
6. Vertex Dispenser (Steam)

Thank you very much for your generosity!
Not in...happy birthday +1
Happy (early) Birthday, Azrael!

I'd like to enter for the "Any game up to $9,99 (GOG)", please. :D
Why not?
Happy Birthday! +1

I'll go in for the 9.99 USD GOG GAME, Far Cry

Funny thing is, I don't think they spent $9.99 making the movie.

Groovy :D
Feliz Cumpleaños mi amigo :)

In for Fantasy Wars (GOG)

and I'll take a shot at:

NeverWinter Nights Diamon Edition (Any game up to $9,99 GOG)

1 x The IndieGala Dwarves BTA

Gemini Rue

The Journey Down: Chapter 1

The Journey Down: Chapter 1

Cheers Azrael!
Post edited March 31, 2013 by Sachys
Happy (early) Birthday! :))
I would bake you a cake or so but I suck at baking :/

I truely appreciate your generosity. <3

1. Painkiller: Black Edition
2. Resonance
3. Gemini Rue
4. Superborthers: Sword & Sworcery
Post edited March 31, 2013 by Jeralulz
Downreped you for making that bad April Fool's joke ... (April Fooooooools >__>)


Pinball Gold (GOG)

Snapshot (Steam)

In for Bard's Tale (GOG).
I'm in for Hotline Miami (GOG) for the 9.99 USD GOG game. Thanks for the giveaway and happy early birthday.
Happy early Birthday! I'm in for...

Planescape: Torment (GOG)
Geneforge Saga (Steam)
Deponia (Steam)
Gemini Rue (Steam)
Jolly Rover (Steam)
happy birthday and her is my list in order of priority

1) Any game up to $9,99 (GOG): my gog game fallout 2

2) Magicka + Vietnam DLC (steam)

3) Painkiller: Black Edition (steam)

4) Geneforge Saga (steam)

and thanks for your generosity :) +1 (steam)
Post edited March 31, 2013 by blitsfire