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Congratulations to all the winners! thank you Azrael360 +1
Congrats to all the winners, enjoy your games!

Thank you again Azrael360 for the giveaway!
Thank you Azrael360 and congratulations to all winners .
Thanks again :)
Thank you so much Azrael, and congrats to the winners :-)
Azrael360: 1 x Waking Mars (Thespian)
Thank you very much, Azrael, and kudos for this very successful giveaway! :)

Also, congrats to all the other winners!

Azrael360: Congratulations to the winners!, and thanks to everybody for participate in this. It was really fun doing something like this, and reading all your comments! ^_^
Especially the later ones, regarding the use of whips and such... :D

Azrael360: I will give you my whip if you're the one who would punish me... but the picture in my mind is going nuts... so... better not! (:P)
But +1 for your kindness, and if you can send him that game to him, that would be epic! ^_^
Momo1991: It is done. But let's not discuss the other stuff around the children ;-)
Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Momo! :)

Damn! I always arrive late for "the other stuff". :P
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Thanks again Azrael and congrats to all the other winners :)
wow i won i won :D

congratulations to everyone!
huge thanks and i hope your birthday was awesome!
and it looks like i missed the fun stuff too!
Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! =)
Azrael360: I have to make a confession, I made a mistake. Maybe because of the many entries, I sent a copy of Trine to canyonaz, because I read he had it in his list, but I was wrong and he hadn't... :(

He was very honest to let me know and he preferred that I send Trine to another person. And I just did that, after a quick randomization, the new winner of this Trine is tionerc. Congrats! :)

But I'm really sorry for my stupid mistake... :(

Now I'm going to the dark and cold Corner Of Shame, to punish myself with the Whips Of The Sinners, to cleanse my soul... (-_-)
Thanks Azrael!
That was an awesome giveaway with so many games being sent over Santa Azrael. You definitely deserve a great year.

Thanks for Cities in motion, I've been wanting to try it for some time and now I will. Congrats to everyone who won and especially to Momo (who is too nice even if she won't admit it :-p ) who got the best prize in my opinion. And TLJ to boot, yay!
Great giveaway and thanks again Azrael!