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Updated OP to respond to some of the questions that were raised.

Some good suggestions so far, keep 'em coming!
Azilut: (I don't think Long Live the Queen counts, though, unless DProject wants to do a better job convincing me. :p)
He could achieve it, plenty of unnatural and premature demises in that title, after all. ;)
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Did you ever see Ghostwatch? It was a BBC mockumentary about their newscasters investigating a haunting. It's apparently never been re-aired on the BBC and caused an investigation that declared the show to be:

excessively distressing and graphic
It can be a mite difficult to find, but if you can it is fantastic.
Walking Dead Its a classic zombie romp with believable characters. One of my gripes with zombie films is that they often stop when it gets interesting. By that I mean the world has been taken over by zombies and the hero goes out in the world after winning and so on. Here you have the time to see how a group of people survive after the initial assault. I know a lot of films take place after the zombies take of but they usually take a group and whittle that down till you have 1 or 2 survivors in an hour and a half or 2 hours. Walking dead gives you the whole shabang flashbacks to the initial onslaught and day to day survival by a large group of people and this takes place rural and urban I can't think of anything I miss for now (Something will probably annoy me down the road but that is only because I am that kind of guy LOL). I have only watched season 1 and look immensely forward to season 2 ( I hope to get the DVDs for Christmas Otherwise I'll buy them myself.)

In please +1
Oh and if I win I wont be too expensive I would love Vampire Redemption here on GOG ;)
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doccarnby: Did you ever see Ghostwatch?
Yup; the BBC finally broke down a few years ago and released it on DVD. Ghostwatch is a fascinating historical curiosity - for those who don't know the story behind it, Ghostwatch was a BBC fakeumentary that featured real BBC personalities doing "live" coverage of a haunted house as a Halloween special. The show featured a writing credit at the beginning, but played it straight for the rest of the runtime, and featured a call-in line for viewers to report their own supernatural experiences.

Part of the show's premise was that by broadcasting the haunting to the entire nation, the BBC had inadvertently created a "mass seance" that massively amplified the supernatural powers at work and spread chaos across the nation. Ironically, this is almost exactly what actually happened when the show was aired (albeit without the need for an actual ghost) - viewers flooded the BBC call-in line to report supernatural events happening in their homes. (The call-in line had a recorded message saying the show was fiction, but the volume of callers jammed the lines resulting in most people getting a busy signal, which accidentally enhanced the show's realism.) The BBC was roundly criticized the next day for frightening and "tricking" its audience, and was blamed for at least one suicide.

One of the most ironic things is that several of the themes the show touched on included how "hauntings" can be a form of wish-fulfilment (at one point a girl is caught faking the "knocking" noises, and protests "I was just giving them what they wanted!"), and how modern news reporting blurs the line between fiction and reality. The reaction to the show proved these points far more effectively than the show itself could ever hope to do.
If a six hour mini-series counts I'd recommend The Stand. It's a really good adaption of the Stephen King book and is one of the best apocalypse stories imo.

I was going to say Masters of Horror but Licurg beat me to it.
Thanks for the giveaway!
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The TV Mini-series based on the book by Stephen King - Under the Dome - has been interesting! If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can watch it for free.

And V was fun ;-)
For a horror anime, I recommend "Another"

It's a must watch, the story, art & animation is great. Haven't finished it yet though, somewhat stuck at Episode 4 I think. But will certainly re-watch it if I got a time.

I recommend you go and watch Another now. It's only a few hours out of your spare time and you really have nothing to lose except a night's sleep if you are easily scared. If you are going to watch it, I can recommend watching it at midnight, it's surprisingly good fun. mehehe

Thanks for the giveaway Azilut.
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Thanks for the giveaway.

I'll suggest the anime Shiki.

The character designs are silly (like vampire willy wonka and vampire lady gaga, and the hairstyles are pretty infamous), but it's a completely serious kill or be killed series about an isolated country village invaded by vampires that are trying to kill or turn every single person there.

One episode in particular (13 or 14 I think) was particularly disturbing/unnerving in how heartless it was.

(Though I wouldn't say that it's a "sympathize with the monsters" or "humans are the real monsters" series so much as that it's "the monsters are monsters because they're still human")
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What about the The Lair of the White Worm (1988). You always thought Hugh Grant invented Romantic Comedy? Maybe, but after Horror Comedy ;-) Check this one out, it's hilarious and has as much haters as fans, which is a good sign for a horror classic.
As a fan of the Twilight Zone, you should definately go for OUT OF THE UNKNOWN
It's essentially a BBC version of the format - BUT, that being said it makes most episodes difficult to come by in any quality (I'm bloody lucky to have a few pristine digital copies) and quite a few episodes are entriely gone forever! that's not an easy option (though I know you'll love it!), the other half of my entry goes with The Lost Room - a sadly short lived scifi / supernatural show from SciFi channel back in its heyday (if there ever was one!).
I don't want to spoil it for you, but the basic premise is of a detective, a mysterious motel room that acts as a doorway into parallel universes and his struggles dealing with it. Good acting, good writing. A short lived joy!

Oh, and merry 400!
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Since anime is acceptable, I'll also recommend Psycho-Pass. Unlike Shiki and Another which are straight-up supernatural horror, Psycho-Pass is a scifi psychological thriller about sociopaths in a utopian society. If you liked the Hannibal tv series, you'll love this one and its suspenseful, grisly murders. It's written by the Urobutcher (Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero), who is best known for his clever plot twists and willingness to kill off the main characters. Psycho-Pass is also notable for being pretty philosophical, and characters in the series discuss classic scifi novels like 1984, brave new world etc. If you're like me, you'll find it's take on the darkness within man's heart a lot more frightening than a generic ghost story.
I'm in! Thanks for the giveaway, Azilut! +1

Speaking of anime, I would recommend Higurashi When They Cry(wiki link) and its sequel, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai(it was never dubbed in English).

I was recently told about the series as being a mystery anime with moments of extreme violence and horror. At this point I wasn't all that impressed, though the fact that, apparently, there are no cheap scares such as jump scares due to loud noises, did appeal to me. However what convinced me that I should watch it is this: SMALL SPOILER the action takes place in a time loop. The scene is set up, with hints to the mystery being revealed, and then a violent murder takes place and the time loops back to the beginning. Nobody is aware of the time loop, but the actions of the characters from past loops affect the current loop, which changes the story and allows the mystery to be slowly resolved.

I realize that CthuluIsSpy already mentioned Higurashi, but the point of the giveaway was to convince you as to why you should watch the media we're recommending. Plus, a little backstabbing is appropriate for the season. :P
I'm in...... but I'm not sure about my recommendation. I mean you already mention Twilight Zone and Outer Limits and most horror show I saw was less scary and more actiony (I'm looking at you Supernatural).

How about a cheesy but entertaining one? like Are You Afraid of the Dark? series? They are pretty entertaining.

Or how about foreign series? You can always watch Japanese horror TV series. I remember there's one called Inugami Kyo or Japanese Horror Story TV movies. They are pretty much interesting because they are completely different than western shows.

Oh how about this? this is not pure horror but this one guy called Heipo is a very jumpy and easily scared man and the gang assign him on scary missions.
Not in but thanks for your generosity, Azilut.