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It's time once again to celebrate one of my favourite holidays by giving away some horror games! I meant for this year's giveaway to be a larger and more elaborate affair, but I got busy and dropped the ball - so, my apologies, but it's going to be a small, quick giveaway this time.

Entry requirements: In last year's giveaway I asked you to recommend horror movies to me. This year, we're taking it to the small screen - recommend a horror TV series or mini-series (horror-comedy is fine too), and then explain to me why I absolutely need to watch it!.

There are no join date or rep requirements.

Prize: My favourite entry (probably the one that gets me the most stoked to watch a new show, but possibly just the most amusing description) can choose up to $9.99 worth of horror games on GOG. They can come from the current sale or not - it's up to you.

Contest closes: At some point on the 31st - I'll try to notify the winner with at least 12 hours left on the Halloween sale.

Examples of shows I like: The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Twin Peaks, Riget ["The Kingdom"], Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Sapphire and Steel, Nigel Kneale's "Beasts", Quatermass

EDIT: To answer some of the questions that have come up:
-Yes, anime counts.
-Trading/regifting is fine.
-"Does X count as a horror show/can I pick X game?" I'm not gonna be too picky here, as long as you can make a reasonable case for it. You wanna recommend Evangelion or pick Costume Quest if you win? Sure, why not. (I don't think Long Live the Queen counts, though, unless DProject wants to do a better job convincing me. :p)
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Twin Peaks.
Played Alan Wake? Liked it? Then you are going to love this series. It's atmospheric,have great characters,huge amounts of mystery and the plot will het the scares out of you. Sadly it was canceled after two seasona,so most of the questions remains just questions
+1 to you
I would recommend going to Wikipedia, typing in "Tales From The Crypt episodes", browsing the list for episodes that have a particularly interesting plot summary, then going to YouTube and watch them. The selection there is tremendous. This also works with "Are you Afraid of The Dark" if you're looking for more kid-friendly scares / a trip down nostalgia lane.

Not in, unless Long Live The Queen counts as horror. Then I'd be in. C'mon, it has a squishy tentacle grabbing a pre-teen girl! The horroooooor!

It is one of my favourite shows, but it is not a pure horror show, but has some horror moments. The show is set in thirties USA great depression, where takes places last battle between the avatar of light and darkness.

The show was cancelled at the end of the second season, but completed the first part of three that the series consisted, and it is totally worth watching.

Also there is an actor that appears in Twin Peaks that also appears in Carnivàle

Please count me in and thanks Azilut for the giveaway
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I hardly watch TV anymore and really haven't watched it for years. The last series that got into this genre that I watched was the x-files. Ive always liked the mystery behind some of the episodes. Note that its probably been 6 or 7 years since I watched it and I didn't watch it often back then. I don't know if this does count as horror but it is the best I could come up with. Im in if it counts +1 for the giveaway.
I'm in.

Tv series: American Horror Story can't go wrong with that. Each season is stand alone.

Movie: Tucker and Dale vs Evil comedy horror spoof, but really good!
Not in, but thanks.

I'm in.

I damn loved this show.
Highly recommend it to anyone who want intriguing story and characters.

But I don't think that there is any movie/tv show that I'll make someone watch even if he isn't interested.
I'm not going on killing spree just because one doesn't want to bother with TV ;d

TV is a option, not necessity.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
Early seasons are nice campy fun with teenagers and monsters and then the series slowly develops into one of the coolest TV shows I have ever seen. I had my doubts with it at first but it really is as good as everyone says it is (maybe better). Great writing, great character development, great actors (hot chicks too).
While I don't watch any shows I'd personally classify as genuine horror (but maybe my standards are different), the series Grimm might be up your alley. It's, well, a bit grim, but the name is taken from the Brothers Grimm, and the series offers a more serious/grim (hur dur!) take on their fairytales.
Hemlock Grove. If you like horror comedy, this is the show for you. It's chock full of WTF moments and overwrought dialogue. I would give you a summary of the plot, if there was anything resembling a plot, but there isn't, it's just an ridiculous series of events. It's just bizarre, absurd, corny, inappropriate, and unintentionally hilarious. Perfect for watching with friends while drinking.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Maybe not ultimately horror but one series that have scary elements that you just shouldn't miss is The X-Files. Its uber cool, it will keep you interested all the time while you watch it. There are movies also, 2 parts and I heard they are about to shoot the third one soon, but the series is waaaay better than the movies.
I'm in as long as I can pick a horror GOG that is not too scary. I already have to deal with nightmares every night.

Tales from the Darkside is a horror TV series you should check out.
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Thanks +1

For horror series, well can't say that i watch them, the only ones i know of are X-Files,The Walking Dead and Fades.
And i don't like them.
The only show i would look is the Halloween Special from The Simpsons.
I'm in.

Here's my recommendation...
5 minutes after I started watching this series it had already became one of my favourites... Please just watch this opening sequence:

Thank you. +1