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He who dies pays all his debts.

Omerta is a rule or code that prohibits speaking or divulging information about the activities of a criminal organization. However, since you--GOG gamers--are practically members of the family, our friends from Kalypso have decided to disclose some of the information about the upcoming gangster-sim set in 1920s Atlantic City. Mind you, they cannot reveal everything and their time is limited, but if you are wondering what the heck Omerta - City of Gangsters is all about, or want to know more about the secrets of Kalypso Media Digital, just shoot (ha ha ha).

We will select the ten best answers from the comments below and send them to the developers of Omerta - City of Gangsters. In addition to that, one of the commenters below (selected randomly) will receive a free copy of Omerta.
How long can we expect a single playthough in Omerta last?
BoKeRoN: How long can we expect a single playthough in Omerta last?
I like this question.
Will you bring up more of you´re upcoming games on

Will you be able to be the whole City?
Can you operate legitimate buisnesses too?
It looks a lot to me like the old "Gangsters" games brought into a new era...if so, will it be much like a modern version of that complete with mods/DLC? Will it have Steam Workshop compatibility?

Or am I looking at it wrong and it will be more of a blend of the Action/RPG games of late, mixed with business/city management gameplay as well?

Content-wise, where did you draw the inspiration for the game? Any specific figure/event in history (aside from standard organized crime stuff), or just a mish-mash of collected knowledge from the era/genre itself?

Can't wait for the release! Thanks!
How extensive will the options be for "sand-box" mode? Will we be able to, for example, set our starting cash, choose where we start in the city, or choose how many rival gangs are in the city with us?
How many weapons are available in the game?
Did you take any inspirations from any other games while making this one? for example Gangsters: Organized Crime or Gangland?

Is it possible to pass the game with just 1 person or do you really need to strategize in order to win?
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Despite their subject, the Tropico games felt like there was a moral line drawn in the rather abundant sand. Like there were a lot of options left unavailable because they're simply too immoral. Is Omerta the same in this regard? How dark can the game get?
Is it possible to betray people and join up with another gang or start a new gang?
How does the weapon outfitting and inventory system work? Would be be seeing something akin to the Original X-Com; Or will there be slots in equipment (and in some cases crafting - as in Jagged Alliance)?
Dear Kalypso,

1) how much randomization will there be? For example, is it only the randomization of shooting and hitting an enemy or will your various businesses fail randomly too?

2) conversely, how much control can the player exert over potentially random factors? I read that there will be RPG elements for the "15 unique characters", but is it with branching skill trees or can the player also add points to various stats such as fighting or speaking / intimidation?
(by the way, are we limited to only being able to hire up to 15 characters or the pool is 15 characters, and we can only hire less?)

3) will the co-op / multiplayer be hosted by one of the players or will it be match-making through lobbies managed by Kalypso / third-party?

I'm looking forward to reading more info about your upcoming game. While I'm interested, I'm not yet committed enough to pre-order after watching online videos and while several retailers are offering your title, preview info seems to be relatively scarce.

Best regards.
Here are a couple more questions:

1. Will there be any cameos by characters from any of your other games?

2. How much humor is there in the game?
What lessons did you learn from the tactical combat in Jagged Alliance - Back in Action?
Is there likely to be any forthcoming DLC for Omerta?

(Seems like an awesome opportunity to bring the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos to 1920s Atlantic City, Cultists versus know it has too happen)

Are there likely to be any modding tools made available?

Rich W.