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He who dies pays all his debts.

Omerta is a rule or code that prohibits speaking or divulging information about the activities of a criminal organization. However, since you--GOG gamers--are practically members of the family, our friends from Kalypso have decided to disclose some of the information about the upcoming gangster-sim set in 1920s Atlantic City. Mind you, they cannot reveal everything and their time is limited, but if you are wondering what the heck Omerta - City of Gangsters is all about, or want to know more about the secrets of Kalypso Media Digital, just shoot (ha ha ha).

We will select the ten best answers from the comments below and send them to the developers of Omerta - City of Gangsters. In addition to that, one of the commenters below (selected randomly) will receive a free copy of Omerta.
What was the biggest challenge you faced creating the world of Omerta, and what part would you like to spend more resources on if money/time permitted?
What was your main inspiration for making this game?
So the combat is turn-based and after playing the recent XCOM: EU, I want to know how similar or not it is compared to that, because I think as far as combat goes, that is clearly your audience. Besides I wanted to ask, if there will be a copy of the Soundtrack available to people who purchase the game. Thanks and looking forward to this.
In this day and age of real-time-this and real-time-that, you did the right thing (imho) of going for turn-based tactical combat. What drove this courageous decision?
The game makes a major point in mentioning that you are in the bootlegging business, during a time in U.S. history where prohibition was commonplace and people could make quite a bit of money by providing illegal liquor. Is there any Gangster or City History that you took inspiration from in designing the game and writing the story, or is the whole game taken from the basics of smuggling and provided information from the past 100 years?
Out of all the possible locations associated with the Mob during Prohibition, why Atlantic City?
A wise guy, eh?
How important was the influence of popular culture (films, television etc) based around mafia and prohibition era life - was it a definite inspiration or perhaps purely an angle of research?
What was the inspiration for you to go with such a musical score? Did anything inspire you/influence you in the musical direction of this game?
Was it difficult to choose the title? All the good ones are already taken (Mafia, Godfather, Gangsters), and you clearly wanted to draw the proper connections in the player's mind from the start.
Though, I have to say Omerta is certainly a nice choice, and you managed to put 'gangsters' in there too.
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I'm assuming that Prohibition plays a large role in the game (as it did in the actual 1920s and as it does in Boardwalk Empire, a show that's surely had some influence on the game!)

To what extent will the players be able to corrupt the Prohibition officers who come around? Will there be opportunities to bribe agents to go after other gangs? And will the game go through the Prohibition era to 1933, where the 21st amendment repealed Prohibition?

Thanks. Omerta looks awesome!
Will there be any extras and is there any DLC planned for the future?
I'm always excited for kalypso stuff and this game looks like it's gonna be a blast. I really loved tropico 3 and 4 so my question is will we see some of that wacky self conscious humor or is it gonna be all gritty and violent?
It's interesting to finally see another game set in the gangster era instead of the gangstah era.
Unfortunately I only recently learned about the existence of this game so I don't have any insightful questions.