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He who dies pays all his debts.

Omerta is a rule or code that prohibits speaking or divulging information about the activities of a criminal organization. However, since you--GOG gamers--are practically members of the family, our friends from Kalypso have decided to disclose some of the information about the upcoming gangster-sim set in 1920s Atlantic City. Mind you, they cannot reveal everything and their time is limited, but if you are wondering what the heck Omerta - City of Gangsters is all about, or want to know more about the secrets of Kalypso Media Digital, just shoot (ha ha ha).

We will select the ten best answers from the comments below and send them to the developers of Omerta - City of Gangsters. In addition to that, one of the commenters below (selected randomly) will receive a free copy of Omerta.

Nice! THX. That will help me considering a buy.

Now we don't have to ask the devolpers any more. ;D

I just played the demo. Dose anyone know what the Sandbox-Mode will be? Or how the multiplayer will work?
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Please post your impressions in this thread:
How does work the Coop Multiplayer? Is it like 2 or more people play as "one" Mafia? Can i buy things from a friend or can he make me an offer? I really like the idea that i battle against a friend, who are the better economist xD

Short Version: I want information about the Multiplayer ;)

I think i buy this game. The demo was really funny and buy at gog it´s the cheapest of all offers
Are vehicles usable or just props?
What customizable options will be available for your gang? If i want to dress up the mob boss as a WWI veteran, will I be able to?
Maybe not with the duffel bag. Or with and loaded with mausers and broom-handle pistols!
Was Omerta – City of Gangsters influenced in any way by HBO’s Boardwalk Empire?

Whoops! Looks like someone else asked this question. . .
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In what way if any, has Kalypso's other properties, such as Tropico, affected Omerta's design and gameplay.
DukeNukemForever: Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that, thanks to portable devices like smartphones oe tablets, there is little renaissance of turn-based games. Developing such a game, how big is the guideline from the publisher or maybe the developers own wanting in development to keep an option to port the game later to portable devices? Is there already such a plan for Omerta?
This post has been randomly selected to receive a copy of Omerta (as promised). I'll send you a code shortly.