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Actually, there are no retail store for games around here, but there are some great online webstores that are usually quite cheap, and nearly always delivers the next day.
Don't get me wrong, I love digital distribution as much as the next guy.. but only when it makes sense! Such as GOG, for example, whom I have no trouble buying from any day. Steam, however, doesn't make sense anymore. Not for most of us Europeans, at least. I don't know how it is better in the States.
I will buy this in retail, fuck steam. Steam is only good when they have sales, like they had with Splinter Cell - I bought Double Agent for 5 euro - good price.But their normal prices are awful.Plus I like the physical product.
Damn I can not wait to play this, finally worthy a sucessor to Flashpoint.
The last time I went to a store was for 'Black and White'.
Doesn't everybody just buy from online retailers these days (@Shoelip)?, Shopto, Game, Amazon etc.
BTW UK Price on STEAM £36.99 that's pretty funny.
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Here are some video's of arma 2 by players. i looks pretty good and the movement and aiming system has vastly improved.
From reading some of the post at the BI forums. The German publisher pressured them into releasing Arma 2 early before they could apply the 1.01 patch because the publisher wanted to get sales before the international publisher 505 games would. This actually happened with ARMA 1 before. The AI driving issue is because they they still have their foot AI instead of their Driving AI so they drive like they are a foot solider.
For the most part, the game seems to be running well despite all the problems it may have. It is a big game so a lot of things could easily go wrong. Let's wait for the European release to see if it improves more.
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TheCheese33: Good God, I love me some Dark Forces. Especially Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.
michaelleung: Man, if that comes to GOG... this site would be golden.

Yeah, well, at least we have Operation Flashpoint here, oh wait...
I have preordered Arma II on Xzone for 900CZK/33€ + free helmet with Arma logo :D
Steam price is ripoff.
how is it ? it's been out in austria/germany for at least a week, but I don't know if I should buy it.....sounds like my pc won't be able to handle it.
Mothra: how is it ? it's been out in austria/germany for at least a week, but I don't know if I should buy it.....sounds like my pc won't be able to handle it.

Well, I think to run it on low you'd need a 2 GHz single-core. Most computers these days have at least that, so don't get all scared about the requirements.
see this:
how awesome is this ?
I'm immensly bored by military simulation shooters/online gaming but THIS is awesome. The arma2 editor is supposed to be able to generate ANYTHING you want and is very flexible. a friend showed me how you can spawn as an animal and go hunting other animals.
he has a dual core cpu + old nvidia8800 and it's running very stable and without much framedrops on the LOW setting which looks VERY ugly. he said he can turn it up to look more like a current gen game but then fps is just too low to e.g. fly or have large battles going on.
This may be the game that will make me upgrade to a GTX 295. I only upgrade to the top of the line to maximise lifespan, so this will be awesome. Anyone think I can run this on a X6800 with a GTX 295 and 4 gigs of RAM on high with stable FPS?