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Many GOG users from our beloved community felt deceived by our PR stunt and are still mad us. We sincerely apologize everyone for not giving you access to your games and not informing you beforehand about the closure.

As one of the GOG monks said in the video: "acts count more than words", that's why we have prepared something special for the great community we have here on More details will be revealed next week... and we promise it has nothing to do with closing anything, from now on we have only pleasant surprises for you.
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Ooh, I like surprises, especially pleasant ones. Colour me intrigued. (Rubs hands together)
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System Shock for me, Minecraft for everyone else.
Daedolon: System Shock for me, Minecraft for everyone else.
Ill have a nice helping of system shock as well please.
Previously I'd take anything you guys say at face value. Not so much anymore, but something awesome would totally help win back the trust.
I am excited to see what is on the horizon for new releases. As with others, I also hope the System Shock series will be one of the games between now and the upcoming holidays. Instant purchase for me!
Hopefully, it'll be something awesome. :^)

While the PR stunt didn't personally bother me (since you had the notice up about being able to redownload on Thursday), it definitely went too far, based on the reactions of some of the other people here. It raised awareness of GOG's existence, but there's been some trust lost in the community that you're going to need to work hard to regain.
Apology accepted... I wasn't affected by this much, already had all my games backed up.
It's unfortunate that few vocal whiners make a big fuzz. One should never fully trust on "cloud storage", downloads from gog should be considered backups not the only copy available. I always store my gogs locally.

But anyway, it's always nice to see you taking care of the community as whole. Thank you GOG for whatever special is coming. :)
Worst ever.
I really lost faith when I heard that it was all some stupid prank.

Sorry, but that's how I feel.
I'm still gonna use the site, it's the last bastion...
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Bluekkis: It's unfortunate that few vocal whiners make a big fuzz.
Not necessarily unfortunate. If the surprise turns out to be cool, we should make people mad more often. More anger = more surprises.
No apology necessary for me, as I wasn't angered by the PR stunt , but thanks for doing so anyway. :)

I like surprises, so looking forward to what's to come :D
My spider senses tell me that System Shock 1 & 2, Baldurs Gate 2, Planescape Torment, and a healthy dose of Lucasarts games are nearby. And with a nice "patient supporting customer" discount to go on top.
Daedolon: System Shock for me, Minecraft for everyone else.
Agreed! System Shock for me too.
Ugh... Minecraft?

And to the "pleasant surprises", how about Good Old Online Tournament? :D
Imagine old games multiplayer frenzy!