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These days,

Castlevania: Influence of Metroid

(Not that I'm complaining as such, of course.)
Castlevania: Twilight of Dracula X
I wish for: Castlevania: Destruction of Glitter-Vampires
Castlevania: Essence of Cruelty
Castlevania: Waste of Time
Not in, but thanks and +1.
Castlevania 3: Absurdity of the Difficulty
Castlevania: The search for the Lederhosen of Zelda
Well, this is a fun way to do a giveaway! Thank you very much for your offer, +1!

Castlevania: The Epitome of Hyperbole
Castlevania: Cheerfulness of the Summer. (All the original titles evoke sadness, distress and suffering, had to bring something joyful).

Thanks for this giveway Austrobogulator
Castlevania: Dawn of Midnight Of Afternoon Of Twilight of Evening of Vampires of Hunters of Family of Whips of Dracula of Sorrows of Anger of Blood 2: The Cataclysm of Armageddon of Death of Dracula.

AKA: Castlevania: DoMoAoToEoVoHoFoWoDoSoAoB2:TCoAoDoD
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Castlevania: Flogging of the Dead Horse.....

Thanks of all of us...
Castlevania: Vengeance Of Darkness
Castlevania: Confusion of the Messed up timeline

Thanks for the giveaway
DCT: Castlevania: 3d game of crappyness
Are you calling Lords of Shadow a crappy game?

If yes, I may have to Kick your Ass
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Castlevania: Melody of Disharmony
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