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Castlevania: The Black Darkness of the Dark Night
Castlevania: What of it

+1 for the apogee of politically incorrect awesome
Castlevania: The Thing of Things
Castlevania: Pork Chop of Vitality

Not entering, btw ;)
Castlevania: Return of the of
Castlevania - Whoring Of Difficult Darkness

I'm in.
Castlevania: The Slaying of Fire

Taken from the fact that in every single 2d game since at least SotN, you can attack it for money, etc.
Castle of vania: The twilight of twilight.
Castlevania: Skulls of the Broken

thanks for a giveaway Austrobogulator!
Castlevania - Castle of Dracula and The True Horrors of The Nightmare Keepers.

I'm in for Duke Nukum 1 & Duke Nukem 2
Castlevania : Sucking the money of the suckers!
Castlevania: Revenge of the Castle
Castlevania: Game of Vampires
A lot of Castlevania haters in here I see.

Castlevania: Sympathy of the Devil

(Yes, I know that's awfully close to a song title)

Thanks for the giveaway!
Castlevania : Game of the year Edition :D !