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Castlevania Penis of the Vagina!

Best name evah enjoy
Castlevania: Whoring of the franchise
Castlevania : Overuse of of
Castlevania: Load of Manure

(Trying to keep it family friendly, though the original rolls off the tongue better)
Castlevania: Requiem of the Stranger
Castlevania: Silhouette of Vanity!
Castleville: Autocorrection of Doom
Castlevania : Generosity of GOG

If I win, can you please gift the game to Licurg ? Thanks ! :-)
Castlevania: Orchestra of Genocide
Count me in! Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Austrobogulator!

Castlevania: Overdose of Prepositions
Castlevania: Well of C(o)urse
Castlevania - darkness of darkness (black edition)

If I win... surprise me with a game of your choice...
Castlevania: Name of Game

Thanks for a fun giveaway!
Castlevania - Donuts of Doom

Thanks for the giveaway
Castlevania: Whip of Konami