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khnk222: I used to play a wrestling game I had for Gamecube with my brother and sisters a lot. Wrestling games are fun, not really into the real-life sport.
I still play a few of the PS2 wrestling titles. Thanks to pcsx2, I'm able to rip my discs and play Here Comes the Pain, Shut Your Mouth, Smackdown vs Raw, and SvR2007 without needing to hook my PS2 up again. Really enjoyed Day of Reckoning 2 on the Gamecube, as well.
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PS2 and Day of Reckoning 1/2 for the gamecube are highly reccomended. WWE 12/13/2k14 et al are most definitely NOT.
No one's posted in this since April, but thread Necro and all that.

2013's ended, and I'm hard pressed to decide if this was a good year or not for pro-wrestling. WWE's been okay, but far from great. New Japan Pro-Wrestling has re-emerged as the definitive #2 promotion in the world, and arguably the greatest promotion in many, many years. But everywhere else? Things aren't so good. TNA's on it's death bed. All Japan had a mass exodus. Dragon Gate is stuck in a rut. NOAH's clinging to life led mostly by junior-heavyweights. After flirting with mainstream pro-wrestling acceptance, DDT fell back to earth somewhat. CMLL and AAA are both trying to desperately cope with the ever-increasing WWE threat.

And then you have the stories that should have gotten much more attention then they did. The one that sticks out to me was the death of Hector Garza; who while never the biggest draw was instrumental to the growth of CMLL in the 2000's and the rise of Mistico as one of his many foils; not to mention being a fantastic running buddy of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo in Perros del Mal.

So as to not end on a downer, here's a trailer for New Japan's 1.4 Tokyo Dome show, the second biggest show of the entire year. It's gonna be siiiiiick.