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********************************************CLOSED!!!********************************************************* **********

Recently, not only have I had a 2nd baby daughter and gotten a new and wonderful job, but I also have won an embarrassing number of giveaways here on GOG - and good ones, too!

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I will keep and enjoy all to pieces what I have won, but I will also brighten the days of some other lucky GOGlodites, with this giveaway.

To award: The Kalypso Bundle, The Indie Capsule 2 Bundle, and the RPG Champions Bundle!
To enter: say you're in
Winners may do whatever they want with the keys.
You may enter only for yourself.
Please have more than 25 rep or PM me with a sad but true tale of how the de-repper squad has affected your credit rating.
I will close the contest on Wednesday night! And choose the winners by and award them their prizes soon thereafter.

Good luck!

********************************************CLOSED!!!********************************************************* **********
Post edited April 09, 2014 by misteryo
I'm in. Thanks :)
I'm in
thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on baby and the job
I'm in~!

Congratulations on the job, the new baby, AND the good luck you've been experiencing!
I'm in. Congrats!
Congratulations on the baby!! :) and for the job too, obviously ;)

seems like your baby baby comes with a loaf of bread under their arm.... :)

I am in, thank you for share ur good news and do the giveaway +1
Post edited April 03, 2014 by nicohvc
Not in, but congratulations for your great luck, baby girl, and job! ^_^
Also, REP+ for you ;)
I'm in.
+1. I'm in.

Congratulations. :)
I'm in!
First: Congrats, you can never have enough luck.
Thanks, and I am in
Count me in, thank you.
Congrats to you misteryo! + 1 for your generosity.

not entering
I´m in. Seems you´re on a lucky strike :D Congrats!
Count me in and +1 for you.

Is it possible just enter for one of the Bundles?

If so, I'm only interested in the RPG Champions Bundle.