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We're back with another affiliate spotlight. This time we'd like you to take a peek at Gamers With Jobs - an independent editorial site and community.
Gamers With Jobs was originally created as a news site with a forum. Now it's "a safe haven for all the girls and guys who grew up with games and have families to feed and bills to pay." The site features updates five days a week, front page editorials, the Gamers With Jobs Conference Call podcast with guests like Ken Levine, Jeff Green, Shawn Elliott, Michael Zenke and others, and the GWJ community where you can meet people who share the same desire to have fun with their gaming hobby. We hope you'll like it as much as we do.
They have a great podcast that skews on the more mature end of the spectrum (especially if you're into table top games or have kids).
Their site has some good editorial content. I hear their community is great for pc gamers, but I haven't personally been involved.
Their podcast is one of the few tolerable gaming podcasts that I have listened to. Unfortunately there is one particular fellow that I find to be quite annoying.
Never heard of them, so I'm gonna check out the site.
Will be sure to check them out, as it's another group I've never heard of.
as a gamer with a job and family (and no time) I'm gonna check them out.
Your last recommendation of RPS was excellent, and i've started reading them regularly.
(so now i have even less time...)
Great podcast to listen to, especially during quiet moments on the job. :) I also appreciate the emphasis on family and friends. It's tough to keep up with everything after work hours, after all!